Michiko from ” Michiko to Hatchin” Sexiest Anime Character Ever!

As you all know by now I am a huge anime fanatic and I watch about 5 animes nightly. One that I recently started viewing is “Michiko to Hatchin”.

It is basically an anime  revolving around a drop dead gorgeous, escaped convict (Michiko), who begins rescuing a 9 year old, abused child (Hatchin) from a Priest and his family who aren’t as nice as you would think. The backdrop to the story is based out of a country that resembles that of Mexico or Latin America.

It is vividly colorful and very entertaining, filled with innuendos, laughs, gun shots, romance, chases etc. The most memborable moments for all you men out there may be all the sexiness which is the main character “Michiko”! Every day that passes her outfits seem to be getting skimpier and skimper ! The girl has more curves than a coke bottle! She looks alot better than all the other female characters out there. They all seem to be looking alike nowadays.

Anyway, catch this anime, even if you are not heavy into anime you will be after this one, it is rather unique! Click below for Trailer!



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  1. I must say she is pretty hot.

  2. You haven’t seen nothing sista till you see the anime!

  3. Anime Cosplay Cleavage… hmmm

  4. you want to add her to the “list”

  5. I’m surprised how no one can call her out on her lack of clothes at times. I swear, there are episodes where she’s wearing dental floss for clothes. Not only is she good to look at, but the story and the action scenes are done very well.

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