Nerdcore Calendars 2010, Worth a Scare

Nerdcore Calendar

Let me tell you what Nerdcore Calendars are.  That’s if you’re reading this and not already looking at the full gallery after their “Read More”.  Nerdcore calendars are Hot Babes dressed in nearly nothing with some nudes with a common theme.  For their 2010 edition, Horror Scenes.

We know in years past, Nerdcore Calendar’s have done full spreads in the genre of video games.  That alone caught our attention and we’re thinking of using them as PerezStart wallpaper in our clubhouse Video Game Offices!  If you’re interested in purchasing your own 2010 Nerdcore, make sure to visit their site.  Just in time for Halloween too!  Maybe if we beg and plead with, they’ll allow us to give away a calendar 🙂

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