New Madden ’09 Brett Favre Jets Cover

Well, it was only a matter of time before we saw Brett Favre’s Packer Cover photo replaced with the “correct” uniform. Here are the pics of Madden ’09’s new cover featuring none other than Brett “The Jet” Favre.

Images Via WhoAmIToSay through Kotaku

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7 responses to “New Madden ’09 Brett Favre Jets Cover”

  1. Spartan says:

    Just got in from working the midnight launch of Madden 09. All covers were of Brett Favre in Packers uniform.

  2. EA said the shipped versions of Madden 09 would
    be of Packers’ Brett Favre, but will make the above
    box art available to download online.

  3. web design says:

    has anyone broken the Madden ‘curse’?

  4. BOb says:

    Vince Young has. go titans

  5. DHB says:

    Vince Young didn’t break the curse he got injured. As a Titans fan you should know that

  6. NAMA says:

    well it is nice to have his jets jersey on there but i could really careless

  7. ReThink says:


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