Old School Sundays: 2 Commercials for 2 Systems

Since I have received hate mail because we skipped last weeks’ OSS, I decided to make up and give you guys a treat. You can call it a two for one-fer.

Atari 2600: The first piece is the system that started it all… for me at least. The original Atari 2600, the tag at the end of the commercial is what video gaming dreams are made of. “Have you played Atari Today”

Genesis: Ninetendon’t know why Genisis made this crappy commercial. Yes, they had the big stars, Michael “Moonwalker” Jackson, Joe Montaña (from Waterboy), and Busted Douglas. I watched this and went out like the commercial instructed… before October 31st, and little to my surprise No Extra Game but I was escorted out and told never to return. GameStop Jerks!

Via Retrovideogames.com

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I actually liked the Nintendon’t commercials back in the day. My favorite system of that era was the Genesis which kicked the SNES’s ass in my opinion.

    Even Sonic kicked Mario’s ass for a short time. It’s really a shame that Sega couldn’t keep things together through the years.

  2. They had their chance with the Dreamcast, which was an awesome system. Except those damn hackers figured a way how to play copied games!

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