Old School Sundays: E3 Edition, Mega Man

In tribute of this past weeks announcement of Mega Man 9, we’re going back to 1987 to bring you how it all started… Mega Man part uno.  Known to some as Rockman, Megaman, developed by Capcom, was a side scrolling action NES game.  Mega Man was the only NES Mega Man title to feature a score counter.  I consider Mega Man to be one of the first strategic games due to the Robot Master attributes you gain after you defeat them.  For ex. The easiest way to kill CutMan relies not in your Mega Buster, but in your Super Arm that you got from GutsMan in the last stage.


  • Mega Man — Tool assistant, originally known as Rock (or Mega in the remake), created and modified by Dr. Light to combat Wily.
  • Dr. Albert W. Wily — The antagonist of the game, his goal is world domination. He appears as the final boss in a hovering ship (at first a tank-like machine in the remake).
  • Dr. Thomas Light — Creator of Mega Man, aids Mega Man on his adventure to stop Dr. Wily.
  • Roll — Mega Man’s sister, she makes her debut in this game, though in the NES version her name is not mentioned. She is only seen at the ending of the credits in the NES version, but she can be downloaded in the PSP remake as a playable character.
  • Robot Masters — Cutman, Gutsman, Elecman, Fireman, Iceman, and Bombman.

Mega Man is made up of six stages, with a Robot Master at the end guarding a weapon. The stage select screen allows the player to choose from these six stages, and when they are all completed, the seventh and last stage appears in the middle of the menu, replacing the text “Stage Select, Press Start”. This last stage is in fact more like four regular stages linked together, some a bit shorter than average, but with bosses that are considered harder than usual.

Mega Man 9 is due out on the XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.  We’ll keep you updated with all the news “Mega Man 9” related.

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