Old School Sundays: Gladiator 1986

It’s Sunday and that could only mean one thing. It’s time to appreciate all of the classic games we grew up with. Welcome to Old School Sundays! This is going to be an ongoing feature that puts the spotlight on an old school game every week. This week, I’m paying homage to a classic that some of you might have never heard of. Gladiator!

Gladiator is simple to play, but difficult to master. You control your Gladiator as he moves through the levels. Pushing up/down moves the gladiator’s shield. Left/Right accelerates and decelerates your gladiator. There are three different attack buttons: High, Medium, and Low. As I stated earlier, the gameplay is simple, but during play, you are juggling between defending your opponents attacks and attacking the opponent on a constant basis.

There are two different modes players will experience during the course of the game: “obstacle” and “fight” modes. The obstacle mode pits the gladiator up against flying hazards such as bats, fireballs, and arrows in which he has to use his shield and sword to defense himself against the flying objects. In “fight” mode, the gladiator goes up against another gladiator in a 1-on-1 battle to the death. The way to defeat the enemy is to first attack an undefended area, which will knock off a piece of armor, then attacking that exposed area will defeat your opponent. But, this is also the way your gladiator can be defeated to, so make sure to protect any exposed areas.

Make sure to watch the video above in order to get a better understanding of how Gladiator plays. Enjoy and have a great Old-School Sunday!


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