Old School Sundays: Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Picture this, Oblivion meets Final Fantasy in this PC classic Point-and-Click Puzzle Adventure Game.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for a good point-and-click adventure game.  So I thought I’d share this Old School Sunday with you about one of my favorite PC games from back in the day.  Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.  A pleasant mix of Puzzle, Action-Adventure game, oh yeah and did I mention it was point-and-click?.  This game also brought humor and realistic feeling surroundings.  Oddly, this game has left an impression for me.  I know of an example of when my older brother (Gonzalo Perez aka Refugee) spoke to me once of a place he traveled to on a business trip.  He was explaining his surroundings when he the said “These streets remind me of Quest For Glory”  I instantly knew he was referring to this pic.  QFG:IV was better in someways than other well known point-and-click games i.e Monkey Island or Kings Quest.

Selecting your character was vital to your success

At the beginning of the game (kinda like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), you would select the type of player you preferred. Your options were to be a Fighter, Magic User, or Thief. Pretty self explanatory. Given points, you would allocate them as needed to customize your character.  You can then build up you skills by training in that skill set (i.e throw stones at objects to improve your “Throwing” skill).

Build up your skills.  You’re going to need them!

Attacking with the left-mouse button was awesome

The battle engine was a new aspect of QFG IV that made battles worth fighting.  When you entered a battle, the scene would very closely resemble a final fantasy battle scene.  (minus all the detail)  You were given two bars, one represented time the other power of attack.  The above pic was a battle between a night zombie who hung out in the creepy woods vs. The Magician.

Bottom Line: If you have a PC that can still play DOS games, check out Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.  Why, you ask?  Because mrjuandrful said so, now go eat your vitamins and put on your icy-hot, it’s going to be a looong night!  Or check out the video, and tell me what you think.

Editors Note: The many o’s in “looong” represent how long of night it will be.

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  1. Excellent Old Schools Sunday! I believe OSS is like your grandpa telling you about the good old days when he used to walk 10 miles to school barefoot in -40 degree weather while dodging hungry polar bear! In all seriousness many of you youngsters missed out on these innovative games. I have been playing games again after a decade hiatus and I can see bits and pieces from the older games in every new game! OSS focuses on these classic masterpieces and brings light to your gaming experience. Some of you might think that Mike Tyson’s Punchout or Zelda is considered an OSS game, they might be old, but these are mainstream games that everyone knows. OSS brings out the Gladiator, Quest for Glory, Return to Zork, Lands of Lore, Jumpman Junior, Seven Cities of Gold, etc Games that you had to search in the discount pile at your local computer show but that returned hours of fun! Long Live OSS!

  2. Wow, couldn’t agree more. I’ve always loved those old-school games and appreciate them based on what developers had to work with. I’m not going to say every game back in the day was glitch free, but had to be near perfect. Although OSS brings games from the past back to life, you can’t deny some of the current gamess’ future influences classifying them as next-gen OSS!
    I see a 7 Cities of Gold OSS coming soon…

  3. it looks like a game even i could understand…

  4. point and click, nothings better!

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