Opie and Anthony bash Jill Nicolini


Today on the Opie and Anthony Show on 92.3 K-Rock, Anthony Cumia discuses his past with WB Traffic reporter and former Playboy Model Jill Nicolini.

Is that “J” on your cap for Jill?

Our favorite ‘Schock Jock’ Anthony, from the Opie and Anthony Show is a huge gamer. He’s a man who still prefers his PC games over gaming consoles (although he owns a 360). But today’s show was a side I haven’t heard in Anthony in quite some time, His post-relationship anger!
On Thursday Anthony openly spoke about his “reconciling” their relationship. Anthony had asked to receive his items back from Jill, but had to pay $1000 for dry cleaning bills and a camera. Those items he asked back, were his E-Z Pass and his current girlfriends laptop.
Today, Anthony spilled the beans on his relationship with Jill Nicolini. No holds barred! “She uses a fat blocking drug which causes her anus to leak fat all over Mr. Cumia’s bed, resembling an upside down pizza. She also has breast implants that are described to feel like a bald cap full of gravel from a driveway.”

Below is an email sent from Jill Nicolini pertaining to this breakup.

Thank you so much for your support. But I must admit I really did fall in love with him and was devastated whan I caught him cheating..it was bad let’s see it happened the night of our Luau so that was August 16th and for 2 weeks I cried and was devastated..but now almost 6 weeks later I am so much better and have moved on completely!

Still in disbelief that he’s bragging about how cool it was to have this 20yr old in his bedroom meanwhile I left only to come back I mean I was practically living there. But it taught me a lessen and I sure I deserve so much better and karma will come around!

Please don’t believe all the things that he says on the air though like this am I was so disgusted..yes keith came over to give me $1 but for what? For the $429 camera that he was replacing that got stolen form his house and $600 worth of dry cleaning form this place in NYC which he made me bring my clothes to, 3 months ago! So it has nothing to do with me trying to get money from him! It’s just what he was supposed to do until I caught him cheating! I am not into his money and never have been trust me! I never asked for or received anything but well love (hahah so I thought) dinners and he did take me clothes shopping 2x 🙂

Oh and as for the burning of the clothes..keith was there and thought it was brilliant! LOL I only did this because when I came to his house (the day after the party) I wanted to clean out my stuff my cats all this I had to get in my car and well I found all of her clothes in his closet. She was a 20yr old fan who is friends with Danny from Canada..yes skanky as hell with pink hair spider tattoo and face piercings but who ever upgrades when they cheat lol..anyways he admitted he was keeping her stuff there and the nights I wasn’t over she was for those 3 weeks! YEP! When I caught her in the closet she admitted that it wasn’t the first time they had sex (Aug 16th) it was ongoing for 3 weeks prior! I had some intuitive feelings something wasnt’t right and confronted him. He blamed it on the fact he was stressed and taking xanax cause of his contract negotiations..and well I continued to believe him! 🙁 And btw there was no ashes. of this girls’ grandfather in her bags I went through it all, please your grandfather lived in canada for god sake! That’s just part of his bit!

Anyways on to the future and over with the past..I really appreciate this email.

Have a great day!!!

Jill 🙂

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69 responses to “Opie and Anthony bash Jill Nicolini”

  1. goodgod says:

    I actually hated the whole “Antholini” bit…til now!!! But is it possible the whole thing from beginning to now was just one big bit???

  2. Paul says:

    Wow Kezins, I can’t escape you lately. It’s funny I was looking for Opie and Anthony news and your site came up!

    As to this article, yeah it’s pretty damn interesting but I’m hoping this stuff goes away on the show. I don’t need to hear any more about anal grease.

  3. KY says:

    it’s all a bit

  4. Will Snizek says:

    @Paul: glad you could make it. We’re actually huge O&A fans here. We tend to post one article every week or so about the show. It all started with their involvement with GTA IV. They sent us some early screens for that.

    As far as AG, I definitely don’t want to hear much more about that.

  5. Ray B. Huh? says:

    look who’s talking

  6. Rocco says:

    Some people just aren’t meant for a long term relationship, and I tend to think it goes for both involved in this case.

  7. me says:

    OMG this is the first time I saw a pic of his face, holy shit. He looks like a rotting corpse.

  8. Dale says:

    Ha all they can do is bash her, that old ugly bastard was lucky to have jill for even a week what a idiot really blew it this time!

  9. Will Snizek says:

    i wouldn’t call him lucky. She seems like someone who completely lacks substance. She’s also not all that hot

  10. DB says:

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. Jill is a nice girl that caught that ugly bastard f**king some whore. If any of you know Jill personally she’s a sweetheart. Not money hungry and all that is posted here. I’m sure Anthony made up some good sh*t to get a charge out of people.

  11. Jimmy says:

    i agree with you DB. JN is a cool ass chick that just got the raw end of the deal. Anthony is a retard

  12. chris says:

    she is a scary bitch who is crazy.. and thinks she isnt..

  13. Will Snizek says:

    reading her words, I can certainly say she’s probably scary and crazy.

  14. girl says:

    Poor Jill !!!! doesn’t matter how hot or smart woman are… guy still cheat!
    Jill ask your co anchor John muller.

  15. Are You People CRAZY? says:

    Jill looks like a tranny! She is ugly and stupid (you would agree with me if you have ever seen her show). I bet she pees standing up.

  16. DOOBIE says:

    ever see her Playboy pics, she spreads her ass in one of them! with a cunt that sloppy i bet she loves ATM-ing! slutty little tuna….. typical long island girl, fake on the inside, fake on the outside.

  17. Bam Bam says:

    —Caught Opie and Anothony in their famous confrontation
    with Jessie Ventura.

    MUST SAY —O&A –BOTH– sounded like JERKS when they
    dissed KOREA and the awesomely relevant –yet unfolding

    “KOREA, and NOT he long gone World Wars,
    is FAST emerging as –the– pivotal conflict
    of the 20th century viz a viz the 21st.”

    KOREA was, and is NOT Vietnam.

    Korea opened with the greatest rocket and mortar
    attack in world history followed by full scale

    The ensuing 6 decades halocaust can be examined
    by anyone online and on record.

    Opie and Nthony sound like JERKS when they
    characterize KOREA as a waste of time.

    Likewise, Ventura seems shockingly uninformed
    on this subject.

  18. Ben says:

    Hope the fat leak tastes like pepperoni !

  19. James Fn Bond says:

    He’s a pig and she’s a whore. WGAS???

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