“Opie and Anthony Show” Now on Sirius Satellite Radio Ch. 197

‘Shock Jocks’ Opie and Anthony make their debut on Sirius Satellite Radio today. They’re still on XM Satellite Radio thus making them one of the first cross-platform radio station jocks.

In a move that surprised even Opie and Anthony themselves, the Opie and Anthony show has crossed over to Sirius Satellite Radio. If you are a Sirius subscriber, you may have noticed that there’s a new show ‘infecting’ your airways. That’s right “The Virus” the channel that ‘Opie and Anthony’ broadcast on, is available on Sirius channel 197. What does this mean for you? Nothing if you’re an XM subscriber. Two talk radio shows on Sirius; The Howard Stern Show and The Opie and Anthony Show w/ Jim Norton.


Tip Via Daniel Perez, Thanks!

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