“Opie and Anthony Show” Now on Sirius Satellite Radio Ch. 197

‘Shock Jocks’ Opie and Anthony make their debut on Sirius Satellite Radio today. They’re still on XM Satellite Radio thus making them one of the first cross-platform radio station jocks.

In a move that surprised even Opie and Anthony themselves, the Opie and Anthony show has crossed over to Sirius Satellite Radio. If you are a Sirius subscriber, you may have noticed that there’s a new show ‘infecting’ your airways. That’s right “The Virus” the channel that ‘Opie and Anthony’ broadcast on, is available on Sirius channel 197. What does this mean for you? Nothing if you’re an XM subscriber. Two talk radio shows on Sirius; The Howard Stern Show and The Opie and Anthony Show w/ Jim Norton.


Tip Via Daniel Perez, Thanks!

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8 responses to ““Opie and Anthony Show” Now on Sirius Satellite Radio Ch. 197”

  1. Chance Rush says:

    O&A Rule! I will now get Sirius (w/ the ala cart subs that Sirius will have)… Its fine that O&A have made nice with Hoo Hoo, but I still can’t stand the whining git. Now Sirius has a channel worth subscribing for.

  2. Juan Perez says:

    @ Chance, I agree right now Sirius’s “best of…” packages are way too expensive. Then again, I knew they wouldn’t make it THAT easy and give us both stations top shows on one piece of hardware.

  3. jack london says:

    I have xm and now get the best of sirius. SO O&A in the morning than Howard on replay later. The two best talk shows ever together again!

  4. […] & Anthony Will Return to XM and Sirius! The Opie & Anthony Show just re-signed a new deal with XM and new parent company serious to remain on XM 202, and also be added to the line up of Sirius Ch. […]

  5. Ronreddog says:

    I am glad they are being offered on Sirius, but, why channel 197? Howie got channels 100 and 101 on XM, why could they not give channel 202 to the Virus?

    Anyway, I am a XM subscriber, and have no interest on Sirius channels.

  6. Btaggs says:

    I have Sirius and I do not have a channel 197. Are you sure this is the channel Opie and Anthony are on?

  7. Tom says:

    LOL….Nice move Mel. Bye Bye Howard Stern…..

  8. smmmokin says:

    I’ve never been this confused in my life. Why are the comments from 2008? is this new? and why is there a new comment from 2012? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!?!?!

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