5 responses to “Perfect Game on MLB2K10? 1 Million Dollars!”

  1. mrjuandrful

    Wait, so the feat needs to be accomplished within 60 days? That means I’ll need to play 3 games a day to complete a season.

    A cool million would help complete my Garbage Pail Kids checklist cards. Those things are rare…

  2. onemilwinner

    I pitched a perfect game in 2k9 on allstar difficulty. I got this in the bag. Start writing my check!!

  3. Bryan

    I will win it, because i have thrown 6 no hitters with john maine on the mets and 4 perfect games with santana on the custom difficulty which i set to the highest it could be

  4. austin

    i through 18 no hitters in 4 seasons on a fantasy draft on 2k8 this is in the bag

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