Perfect Game on MLB2K10? 1 Million Dollars!

Ok, we at have had some neat prizes and gifts to give away over the past year. We’ve given free games, access codes to new unreleased trailers, even Star Trek goodies. But sadly, we cannot compete with our friends over at 2K Sports.

Sit down before you read this…Ready??  They are giving away 1 million dollars to the first player that can pitch a perfect game on the new MLB 2k10 video game. Wow, what a way to get a gamers attention. That has to be the biggest video game prize ever!

This is unprecedented!!!   I mean there have been 18 perfect games in MLB history and I am sure many have been thrown in various baseball video games over the years. However, now is when it counts.

Once you pitch a perfect game, the system will provide you with a specific code that must be given to redeem the prize. What about authentication? Ah!!! our very own friends at Twin Galaxies will have to certify the achievement! This is going to be as good as Steve Wiebe trying to beat the Donkey Kong record again, but with tons of money at stake!

The $1 million contest starts on March 2 and runs for 60 days.


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