7 responses to “PS3 Firmware (v2.36) coming soon, (v2.40) to include trophies, in-game XMB”

  1. grant

    come on sony stop taking the piss jst give us XMB now god dam it !!!!!!!! im getting sick

  2. Will Snizek

    yeah I’ve been hearing “XMB” for a very long time. It’s a carrot they’ve been dangling in front of us for a while.

  3. Juan Perez

    xmb in-game = conclusion

  4. Michael

    This is about the 1000th news report about XMB comming. Everyone is well aware of this .

  5. Will Snizek

    @Michael they’ve been reporting on XMB for many months. We know this. This is the official confirmation that it’s ready and being released…

  6. leon

    They are taking the micky…whats next 2.36 then 2.365
    Sort it out now sony or your console will be on ebay & ill be heaping praise on the xbox 360( & believe me i dont wanna be doing that)

  7. Gregthomas02

    All hail the might of the PS3!

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