Pugzee Is Out Of The Slammer: My Review On His Jailbreaker Version


On April 25th Dave Cortes had his first ever release party for his ferocious, mobster of a pug Pugzee! I try to take the little squirt seriously but he is just too darn cute. Perezstart received this adorable little pup for review, so I would gladly love to share his presence with you but first a little background on Dave Cortes.

Toy sculptor, Dave Cortes is the mastermind  behind these ferocious cuties and has over 10 years in the toy sculpting industry! He has worked for Mezco, McFarlane Toys, Toy biz, NECA and much more! In 2000, he started a company of his own, Inu Art! Dave is taking his well known talent, skills and imagination to create the first in his line of toys, with Pugzee!

When I first received the package and opened the box the first thing I thought was just how beautifully the box was decorated. The box itself had artwork of Pugzee along with background of the pup in comics, thought bubbles and all. It even  includes a wanted sign in the back of the box for $10,000, if the escaped convict Pug is brought in. Hey guys, I found him! Where is my money?!! No, I kid pugz I kid, I would never rat you out brother!

Anywhoo, Inside the box was Pugzee himself along with a few other goodies. First of all included was a beret cap, that I like putting backwards on the pup to make him look even more gangster. Second there was a bat that he can hold in his right hand along with a cigar on his left. Even more surprising, there was a mini comic book included with a tidbit story on him escaping Rykers Island. Lastly, there was a dry eraser with thought bubbles that you can put behind his ear! That was very creative Cortes’ part, I already had some fun with my own quotes such as ” I am getting the pug outta here!” I know not the best but I am a writer not a comedian, what do you want!

Pugzee himself was too cute for words, I mean vicious and ferocious, yea that’s the ticket. His Jailbreaker ensemble is the traditional black and white stripes jailbirds would wear back in the 50’s a la Elvis. His facial expression looks like he is a guy you have to watch out for, that is  always up to no good. The pictures I took up close of his face, cracked me up. I do not know why but his mug looks funny to me. What can I say I have been a fan of Pugs since Frank the Pug in Men In black.

I am a quickly becoming a fan of  Dave Cortes and the Pugzee line already! If you want to learn more about the mobster pug and want to pick up this and Pugzee , or others in other outfits and colorways, you can visit Pugzee’s site here. The best part is that you won’t have to go to deep into your wallets either, the pups start from only $29.99 and up. So if you are a figure collector or are thinking of becoming one this is a great way to start!

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