Relax Already, The Dark Knight is NOT The Best Movie of All Time!

I was one of the millions who went to watch the slightly above mediocrity which is “The Dark Knight” this past weekend.  I’m not here to bash the movie, or claim it’s the worst but people out there HAVE to come to their senses. The Dark Knight (TDK) is NOT the best movie of all time, and that’s the truth!!!

Heath Ledger had his best performance on the silver screen, with his portrayal of ‘The Joker’   Everyone loved his performance, which I thought any other actor acting like a psycho would have done.  Not that difficult, you put some make-up on and read lines which professional writers give you – done!

Now the real talent was with Harvey Dent / Two-Face played by Aaron Eckhart.  His performance as the District Attorney was stellar and when he transformed into Two-Face he was that much better.  There is no doubt Eckhart’s performance out did Tommy Lee Joness’, but I’m also going out on the limb here to say he was the best actor on screen.

I actually forgot the plot of the movie was supposed to be around this guy, umm… Batman.  Christian Bale was really trying to throw more than his voice, his “angry” Batman lines were actually amusing.  A better movie would have been ‘Two-Faced Joker’, and skip this nippleless suit crime fighter.

Onto the IMDB debate

When I looked to see where “The Dark Knight” matched up against other Action movies, I was stunned.  Comparing TDK to other great titles is just plain and simply idiotic.  Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, and Star Wars: Empire Strikes back are fantastic films.  I see TDK in the upper crust, but more of a 7 than a 9.4.  Here are my pro’s and cons on TDK.


  • Harvey Dent / Two Face
  • The Joker’s quotes
  • Batman’s motorcycle


  • Batman’s voice
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
  • 152 minute run-time

Tell me who you think was the best actor on screen.

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Readers Comments (24)

  1. “Not that difficult, you put some make-up on and read lines which professional writers give you – done!”

    Unfortunately, with a statement like this, it is clear you haven’t done your homework.

    How can you judge a movie like this without knowing what goes on behind the scenes? Heath Ledger did not just “read lines.” He was a HUGE part of the creation of this character. He had his own ideas, he had input, he was allowed so much freedom to evolve this character. He even improvised a few lines. Obviously, you do not understand the difficulty that is acting – you cannot simply “read lines.” In order to give a full performance, like Heath, you must immerse yourself in the role – and that is exactly what he did. Anyone literate can read lines, yes, but only a select few can ACT with them.

    You would sound so much more credible if you had actually looked into the creative process of the Joker character.

    Aaron Eckhard was strong, yes, and his transformation was amazing – but it is obvious Heath Ledger as the Joker completely stole the show.

    Sorry, but I disagree whole-heartedly with your “review,” and apparently 115,340 users do, too.

  2. Oh, and I forgot – as you said, all you have to do is read the lines the writers gave you. So how can you criticize Christian Bale’s “angry” Batman lines if he didn’t write them?

    As I said, this “review” couldn’t be any more biased, and I’m awfully positive you are a minority here as a great deal of movie-goers have realized a rightful respect for this movie.

  3. @ Angry Batman lines, like I said if Christian Bale would have just read the lines, instead of sounding like a scratchy voiced, faked anger jack ass his parts would have been better.

    What is biased about it? My honest opinion? The movie is getting praised because an actor died. That’s why everyone rushed to see it. I don’t remember Batman Begins doing this great opening weekend! It took BB, 5 months to get where TDK is now, so chew on that.

    What would you rate the movie Isabella?, and careful other’s will read it and mock you, like you did me!

  4. I didn’t come to argue, I merely stumbled across this post and can’t contain my indignation at your absurdity.

    By saying that people are flocking to these movie because Heath Ledger died is an insult not only to him, but to Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and everyone who made this movie what it truly is. A comment like that shows not only your ignorance, but your obvious blindness. This movie is getting praised, which you would know had you read up on this, because it is deserving. Whether the person who portrays the Joker is well-known, dead, or alive doesn’t matter in the least – it’s a raw, unforgettable performance, and if you think it’s so easy to just read a few lines, I’d love to see you try. An actor doesn’t confine himself to a hotel room for a mont, studying his character, trying to get in the character’s head, just to “read a few lines.” That’s called dedication, and if someone is that dedicated to their craft, then their movie not only deserves to be viewed, it deserves to be honored.

    You’re entitled to your honest opinion as I am entitled to mine. I just wish you would look past your clear bias, and yes, I am saying you are biased – “The movie is getting praised because an actor died” – and realize the complex nature of this movie and how the work put into it is clearly evident.

    Again, “The movie is getting praised because an actor died.” So you’re saying Heath’s being dead therefore deserves praise? His being dead suddenly makes his performance better? How could you honestly believe something like that?

    I’d just like to point out without being rude that yes, you are entitled to this “review,” but in the grand scheme of things, this won’t make an impact. Movie-goers are too blown away by this film and the performances in it to pay attention to small, meaningless, negative comments, comments that are just searching for small, minute details to pick on.

    Maybe BB did not garner such high reviews and ratings because TDK blew it away. Yes, there was hype, and rightfully so because the movie delivered like it was expected to.

    What would I rate this movie? I’d rate it what it deserves. Not because Heath Ledger died, not because of the hype of this movie – I’ll rate it because Christopher Nolan is a visionary and has revitalized the Batman franchise. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a nine – not a ten because no movie can truly be perfect. But this one comes pretty damn close.


  6. Amusing debate. I’m surprise I read the whole thing, considering that I stopped taking Mr Perez particularly seriously after his “reading lines” comment on Heath Ledger’s acting. Juanito, people do have the right to their opinion, but do yourself a favor and make it an educated one. You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself now would you?

    This movie’s current success and praise has little-to-nothing to do with Heath’s unfortunate passing. Batman Begins was met with skepticism due to the quality of the previous Batman movies. The buzz for this movie has been building for a good 2 years. It was always gonna be huge. This film’s a lot stronger than spiderman 3, which did kinda alright. And no dead actors in it!

    No, the succes of this movies is due to an amazing cast, and incredibly well-written scrip and breathtaking execution. Christopher Nolan’s vision is remarkable. As Michael Caine put it, the strength of this movie lies on the fact that its an intelligent and substantial character piece, accompanied with incredible production and action. Not in Hollywood-flashy style, but in a gritty, hands-on kind of way. There’s barely any CGI on this movie, most of the action happened in front of the camera! You don’t seem like much of an industry expert, but you should know that that’s rare! Nolan is such a unique director and story-teller. Let’s hope he never stops making films!

    I’ve never been the biggest Batman fan; I barely knew of Ledger till this roll, and I honestly thought this movie was stunning. No-actor has given me the chill’s before like Heath Ledger did on that roll. And I’m just referring to watching the first trailer.. back when he was alive!

    Did anyone praise Raul Julia for his roll on Street Fighter before his passing?? I think not. I doubt that movie would have made IMBD’s top one thousand at the time!

    But Juanito, I’m not hating. I understand your position. Everyone’s loving the movie, everyone’s praising it. You’re not a joiner. Good for you! Too bad society’s response to this movie is forcing you to miss out on how good this movie actually is. Don’t worry, time will prove you wrong. In the mean time, go ahead, be crazy, call it mediocre. Your 16 year-old self would have been proud. I’m even gonna agree with you on Batman’s voice, what where they thinking?

    Carry-on on with that rebellious spirit Juan! Isabella, I’m with you on this one.


  7. The Dark Knight is ridiculously overrated. The action scenes are poorly shot and hard to follow (e.g. the “sonar” scene near the end). Batman’s suit, voice and “The Tumbler” are all pale imitations of the Michael Keaton Batman of the past.

    I think people are just really desperate right now for quality movies considering most of the garbage that Hollywood puts out. But sorry, this one ain’t it. Prince Caspian was a far better, and more beautifully shot, summer action movie.

  8. People who say Heath Ledger’s death had nothing to do with the success of the film obviously are in a dream world. His death certainly sparked a lot of interest in this film and that doesn’t take a thing away from him as an actor. The film was good, but give me a f***ing break! How could it possibly be above The Godfather?

  9. @Jhonny: I will agree that it was stronger than Spiderman 3. To be honest, Spiderman 3 wasn’t a great film. And The Dark Knight wasn’t a bad film. I just wouldn’t call it “great” myself. It’s rare that I consider a film to be truly brilliant or great.

  10. Dear Will,

    when the Dark Knight is done at the box office, Heath Ledger’s passing will have had an influence on the amount of money the film made, no doubt. But only a small percentage of the people who’ve rushed to see it in its first opening week were there to see him. The morbid curiosity of seeing an actors last film is no incentive to deal with the hassle that it is to get into a theatre to see The Dark Knight right now. Hard-to-get tickets, packed up theaters where people show up 2 hours earlier to grab the best seats. As the weeks go by, the ledge-curious public will show up more and more. People are there because everyone just wants to see this film. Maybe you weren’t there to see the TDK buzz before Ledger died. Feel free to disagree.

    That all been said, the main point here is that the PRAISE the film and Heath Ledger are getting are hardly related to his passing. His performance on set was getting high praise from his world-class fellow cast from months before he was gone. I agree that it’ll have an influence on the movies commercial success, but not on its quality.

    As for you Jake. You’re not a joiner either. You go buddy!

  11. I definitely don’t think Ledger deserves credit just for his passing. His acting in the film probably rank up there with maybe his top 3 performances. I did see how the film had plenty of buzz, but most of the buzz right before the release and earlier this year was about his death.

  12. I agree the PRESS has been making a big fuzz about this being his last film. But anyone i’ve talked to who’s already seen it definitively wasn’t there to watch it because of Ledger’s passing. Maybe my mom will be one of those people. this movie always simply looked sick!! That’s why its so huge right now.

    Heck, I’ll even agree with those who say TDK is overrated. No man-made film can live up to the hype that film’s had.

    If you ignore the buzz however, and simply see the movie for what it is -a MOVIE – you’ll realize Nolan did some phenomenal work. Is it the best movie of all time?? that’s a ridiculous question. It’s not a goddamn sport, if you like Godfather better, good for you! Go watch it again.

    Love and Peace.

  13. If it’s that easy playing the Joker in a awesome way – how come Jack Nicholson, or even Cesar Romero in his time didn’t?

  14. Keijo-Annikki Peräkylä July 29, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

    People on know shit. Another one from Nolan, Memento, on the Top 250 List as the #29 best movie in the world? That movie is like the most overappreciated piece of crap I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve seen more than thousand movies.

    Haven’t seen Dark Knight yet, but I intend to, as soon I’ll just have the time. I’m just pissed already about the fact, that I know I’ll be damn angry by being fooled by all the praise that movie has been getting. I already know that it just can’t be that good. And as soon as I’ve seen it, I’m gonna make an ass of myself by writing some very angry comments about it on every place possible, just like this site.

  15. Keijo-Annikki Peräkylä July 29, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

    And just one more thing. Everyone’s praising on Ledger’s performance as The Joker, everyone’s saying: “Oh, Ledger nailed Joker! He portrayed Joker the way he was always supposed to be portrayed!!!!11!11!!11!<3<3<3<3<3<3!!111!”

    It seems funny to me, that nobody seems to remember a certain man [who is known by the name Jack Nicholson], WHO ACTUALLY NAILED JOKER [and no, he didn’t fuck Joker, you sickos, I meant he portrayed The Joker the way he was supposed to be portrayed]. Jack Nicholson truely stealed the show in the original Batman [1989] movie. The movie was decent, Michael Keaton was great in the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Tim Burton did good job on directing it, etc, but Jack Nicholson’s performance as The Joker really made the movie phenomenal. He really deserved an Oscar for his outstanding performance, but did he get one?

    So before all the new fanboys of the modern Batman franchise declare Heath Ledger as their new god, they should just see the original Batman, and witness some truely great acting, the way only Nicholson can pull it off. Well there are of course many other good actors beside him [so no, I DO NOT WORSHIP JACK NICHOLSON AS MY GOD. MONEY HAS ALREADY TAKEN THAT SEAT, THANK/FUCK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ASKING!], like for example Ian McShane, Brad Dourif, Anthony Hopkins, Ian McKellen, etcetc, but for the actor of the part of Joker, there isn’t really any alternative to Jack Nicholson.

    [Well of course Cesar Romero [who also portrayed a killer version of The Joker, but his version of the character of course wasn’t that serious version], but he isn’t unfortunately avaible anymore 🙁 [may he, as well as Ledger, rest in peace]]

  16. Keijo-Annikki Peräkylä July 29, 2008 @ 9:59 pm

    And even one more thing… [this is seriously starting to become a bad habbit]

    And yes, even as I titled the Burton’s Batman [1989] as “the original Batman”, I’m fully aware of the sixties TV-show and the ORIGINAL ORIGINAL Batman movie from 1966 [both the movie and the TV-show were some of the most funniest shit I’ve ever been allowed/had the honour to witness], so please don’t try any kind of dirty punches below the belt, bitte schön.

  17. You’re wrong.

  18. I htink this guy is trying to get attention and look smarter and ahead of the curve by goin against what everyone else says about a great movie.

  19. The Dark Knight

    Instead of my opinion, I’ll give you my dream

    I had passionate dream fragments about the Joker last night. The visuals of my dream kept haunting me all day long. I instinctively knew they would leave me no other choice other than to call upon my muses and beg them to melt the avalanche of feelings I was exposed to into the right words and enable me to do some soul-searching. Otherwise I would have been bound to face the myriad of sensations his charcoal eyes, chalk facial skin and why so serious lips evoked for an unendurably long time.
    Why is it that I feel attracted to a man who awakens revolting feelings in not only the majority of my own sex but of whole mankind? Maybe his uncertain manner of speech and fidgety movements do not entirely convince me of his ultimate evilness. They seem to try to reveal to me that one cannot possibly be stripped off all goodness and be a bad man to the bone. Although I am not at all blind to his numerous monstrous crimes nor deaf to his provocative language.
    Or do I subconsciously cherish the hope of finding and salvaging the tormented soul of the untimely deceased Heath Ledger underneath that mask of make-up? I will play open cards with you and state that chances are small but not inexistent.
    Perhaps I am not that different from the people who pity Voldemort for being incapable of feeling anything but hatred and did not understand at first. The urge to provide a depleted source of amiability and happiness with a part of your tender emotions is waiting for you just around the corner. Instead of changing water in to wine you turn wrath into warmth.
    The attraction I experienced in my dream and am still subjected to now, does not, however, solely come forth from pitying feelings and psychological curiosity. Contrariwise, in my dream I longed to present him my thumping heart on a sliver plate as soon as we touched hands. His mutilated face did not stop me from caressing his greasy hair. I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of neglected affection when our eyes met!
    Could it be that my dream comes down to a clash between lingering naîvitivity and repetitive revenge? Prince Charming and the Dark Knight fighting a duel.
    Should I let Faith decide or make my own luck? I think that after all the stresses and strains of my pensiveness I might want to throw Order overboard and let Chaos do its work.

  20. interesting dream. To be honest, I think there’s a little Joker and little Batman inside each of us. What keeps them from surfacing is the constraints of living in a society.

  21. Looks like I’m the only person who agrees with you. Anyone who thinks that Heath Ledger’s death had nothing to do with the success of The Dark Knight is fooling themselves.

  22. @Corrina .. wow someone else in the world who makes sense lol. I don’t want to take anything away from Ledger, but his death certainly helped the film.

  23. These comments are unbeleivable! I thought the dark knight although not the best film of all time had great depth as well as a few flaws down to christopher Nolan. This was Heath ledgers last finished film and just saying that any other actor could have played joker, yes they could have, but not as brilliantly crafted as he did. To be honest this role was the death of him. Because of the madness of the character, heath worked a month on his own in a hotel room just trying to create the posture and voice of the joker. To say another actor could of done this part is an absolute lie! Any actor could have created their version of the joker, but would they go to the exstent heath did? The work and stress put strain on him. He didnt sleep and hardly had a social life during the process of shaping what his version of the joker should be. He gave the performance of his life time..and it killed him to do so. So dont dare say that any other actor could pull it off. He sacrificed so many things just for the simple purpose of entertaining the audience. And he did that wonderfully. Its not just because of his death people went to see the film, they went to watch and epreciate the fantastic character heath had made for the world. This was his last act of kindness. Supporters and fans of Batman went to show their devotion to the comic, and supporters of the joker went to show their devotion to the man who gave everything to entertain us! The dark knight is much more than just a film.

  24. I’m sure the film may have had a minor contribution to his death, but I think some people are assuming too much. He had already moved on to a new project. People aren’t thinking about how sad his personal life was and how that was probably the biggest contribution to his death.

    I think Heath Ledger was a wonderful actor and his performance was great. I’m really boggled as to how people are considering this film a master piece. It was a highly flawed film. It was too long. They didn’t develop the characters all that well. I think Ledger was the bright spot in the film, but that doesn’t make it the greatest film ever. It didn’t even make it a great film, but people do have a right to their opinion.

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