Relax Already, The Dark Knight is NOT The Best Movie of All Time!

I was one of the millions who went to watch the slightly above mediocrity which is “The Dark Knight” this past weekend.  I’m not here to bash the movie, or claim it’s the worst but people out there HAVE to come to their senses. The Dark Knight (TDK) is NOT the best movie of all time, and that’s the truth!!!

Heath Ledger had his best performance on the silver screen, with his portrayal of ‘The Joker’   Everyone loved his performance, which I thought any other actor acting like a psycho would have done.  Not that difficult, you put some make-up on and read lines which professional writers give you – done!

Now the real talent was with Harvey Dent / Two-Face played by Aaron Eckhart.  His performance as the District Attorney was stellar and when he transformed into Two-Face he was that much better.  There is no doubt Eckhart’s performance out did Tommy Lee Joness’, but I’m also going out on the limb here to say he was the best actor on screen.

I actually forgot the plot of the movie was supposed to be around this guy, umm… Batman.  Christian Bale was really trying to throw more than his voice, his “angry” Batman lines were actually amusing.  A better movie would have been ‘Two-Faced Joker’, and skip this nippleless suit crime fighter.

Onto the IMDB debate

When I looked to see where “The Dark Knight” matched up against other Action movies, I was stunned.  Comparing TDK to other great titles is just plain and simply idiotic.  Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, and Star Wars: Empire Strikes back are fantastic films.  I see TDK in the upper crust, but more of a 7 than a 9.4.  Here are my pro’s and cons on TDK.


  • Harvey Dent / Two Face
  • The Joker’s quotes
  • Batman’s motorcycle


  • Batman’s voice
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
  • 152 minute run-time

Tell me who you think was the best actor on screen.

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