Rumor: $99 for a PS2, Now there’s NO reason come April 5th


PS2 for $99 on April 5th?  I’ll take 2!  If for some strange reason, you do not own a gaming console and you’re reading this, I’ll have to question your motive.  But forget my investigation, this is a perfect time to pick up the PS2.  Leaked throughout the web, are the reports that the PS2 will be slashed down to the price of $99.  With an outstanding amount of worthwhile games, the PS2 for that price is a no brainer.  Heck, I might pick up an extra one, just for nostalgia purposes.  The console is approaching 9 years old come October in the US and made it’s 9th birthday in Japan this month.  Couple of more years it will be a vintage, then a classic.

Currently, the PS2 selles for $129.99.


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