Sirius-XM Merger Finally Approved

After a long 16 month undecided decision, the FCC has finally approved the merger between the only two satellite radio giants, Sirius and XM.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.’s $3.3 billion buyout of rival XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. will mean 18 million-plus subscribers will be able to receive programming from both services. Executives say it will mean huge cost savings that will lead to a first-ever profit for the relatively nascent industry.

Immediatley announced with the merger details, was that subscriber’s of either service will not need to purchase new devices to listen.  As a matter of fact, they will have the option to pay-per-option a la carte service.  Which means, if you’d like to add a channel that’s not available on your Sirius radio, purchase the XM station.

Being a customer of both services, I’m a huge Opie and Anthony fan, XM Radio.  I’ve recently been listening to Howard Stern since I bought my Ford.  The big question will be, what will happen to both these Shock Jocks?  My bet is, Howard Stern will keep his morning radio show, and Opie and Anthony will go back to where they once ruled the radio waves, afternoon drive.  Only time will tell.

The companies voluntarily agreed to a set of conditions, including a three-year price cap and an 8 percent set-aside of “full-time audio channels” for public interest and minority programming. They will also adopt an “open radio” standard that may lead to a greater variety of features in radios and greater competition among manufacturers.

Sirius and XM also have promised to include a limited “a la carte” offering that would be available within three months of the close of the deal and allow listeners to pay only for the channels they want to receive.

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30 responses to “Sirius-XM Merger Finally Approved”

  1. Scott D says:

    I share the authors love of O&A and hope they survive this. Howard is fine but I will cancel my sub x4 if he boots them. Afternoon drive is fine with me.

  2. Will Snizek says:

    we all love O&A here. It’s a requirement to write on the site 🙂

  3. Juan Perez says:

    If anything bad DOES happen to them, O&A do have a home on 92.3 K-Rock in New York City, but their XM show is what originally hooked me to satellite. I am an original 102.7 WNEW O&A listener, wish I started since they were in Boston.

    Will Antholini break up due to this news?

  4. Aaron Ott says:

    This has really been long overdue. The government has hated Howard Stern for years. They have found a way to make his life miserable when who goes to sattelite radio. The whole premise for blocking the merger was that it stifles compitition. That premise is ludicris. The merger is designed to keep a competitive force in business.

    Pubic radio actually can’t handle the compition. If their was a cable company merger would PBS try to block it? Maybe, if Howard Stern was still on cable speaking out against the current administration.

  5. juan says:

    Hey, I stumbled on this article via a Google news alert and I just bookmarked it. I’m definitely canceling my 3 accounts if xm/sirius drops O&A. There’s plenty of room on this platform for both groups especially if Howard decides its in his best interest to apologize to the boys for putting a gag order on them when they both worked for CBS.

    Also, I hope Ron and Fez Noon to 3 don’t get the shaft either.

  6. tom brady says:

    If ron and fez goes I will cancel my subs and also work with a few people that would do the same.

  7. tryaluckystrike says:

    I am SO done with XM if Howard & Mel Karmazin get O&A booted from the service. I have two accounts, and my Inno and home system NEVER leave XM 202. But without them, I have no use for satellite radio, no matter how good the other stations look.

    Fortunately, both shows (O&A & Stern) seem to have eased off each other. Robin Quivers was very complementary to O&A after meeting them at a concert (and vice versa), Opie has been hinted at secret meetings with a “former hated rival” (and then playing “Hoo Hoo” parody clips), and even Artie & Gary have laid off the snide comments whenever O&A get mentioned.

    But you can’t underestimate Howie’s ego. If the bad feelings still linger (longer!) from the previous war of words and insults, he could take his power and squash another of his enemies. And O&A no longer have Eric Logan to fall back on.

    Guess I’m just Pete Pessimist when it comes to believing both sides can exist on one satellite service, but hopefully it works out.

  8. William says:

    Glad to see sat radio will be able to survive. I hate that Uncle Mel will be in charge. He made a BAD descision to pay Hoo Hoo half a billion dollars.. That is what put Sirius in such deep shit financially. Keep O and A in mornings and put Howard on in the afternoons. I will not add Howard to my XM lineup

  9. brian says:

    you guys are sooooooo lame! O&A would not exist if not for howard. they will admit that . why can’t we all just get along?!?

  10. We at are fans of O&A that is not what brought me to XM , I had one of the very first versions of the XM Unit. They Kept me stuck to satellite, and If they are gona i have 26 Subs running around out there for all my employees that i will CXL and they can just listen to conventional radio. No O&A = No satellite for this listener.

  11. NOT HAPPY says:

    Sounds like Satellite Radio is going to become just like the Telephone and Cable Co.’s.

  12. Rick says:

    I used to be a big Howard fan, but after his movie came out he became so full of himself that I no longer found him funny. Then I found Opie and Anthony and I’ve been listening them ever since. They are the only reason that I bought XM. I’ve also come to love the Ron and Fez show as well. If O & A are dropped, I’ll definitely drop my 3 subscriptions.

  13. Tony R. says:

    If O&A get cancelled, I will cancell all of my subs. Hopefully bith camps can coexist.

  14. John S. says:

    If O&A get canned, I will cancel my 2 xm subs. On the other hand, if they stay I will finally turn on my sirius that came built into my wifes dodge durango, then I will add The Virus!!

  15. budmandan227 says:


  16. Geraldo V says:

    After XM suspended them last year, I never renewed my subscriptions and just download from Giganews. Pinchy, you rock.

    Opie is right, it is only going to be a matter of time before Wifi will be available in your car. O&A should create a business model with the internet as the distribution method. Much like Nick Dipalo is doing. I would pay them directly. I know others would too.

    The paradigm is shifting, especially with things such as iPhone apps and AOL radio. The internet is going to give FCC terrestrial radio a big pink sock.

  17. gary d says:

    O&A are narginal talents. Their listeners are GED types. They have no ratings on regular radio and thier one virus tour show cant even sell out.


    Stern still is funnier and more entertaining

  18. tryaluckystrike says:

    “O&A are NARGINAL talents. Their listeners are GED types.”

    Ah, Stern zombies. Always coming prepared with the unintentional comedy.

    P.S.–Their Virus shows have set records for comedy tours. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good failed bashing!

  19. Rick says:

    I used to be a Stern fan. He got boring. I got o & A about 1 year before St Pats and bought XM the day I heard they were coming back. I record every minute I miss during the week & listen on the weekend. The only complaint I have is I wish they would leeave politics alone! Christ, Ant sometimes seems worse than Rush! Your politics talk would be fair if all sides were represented but Ant takes over and sounds just left of a Nazi. Even screaming at my radio over and over, I can’t make myself miss 1 minute. I guess that tells you something about their entertainment value; you don’t want to miss out on a possible gem of comedy gold. O&A! …and little jimmy.

  20. gary d says:

    “Their Virus shows have set records for comedy tours”

    please they have to give tickets away to get people to come to the show. The comics at virus shows are “d list” names with who play little comedy clubs.

    O&A cannt get any ratings for their radio show and have been dropped from over 10 radio markets. Some tatents!!!

  21. kingy says:

    i really dont expect to see o&a let go from sat radio. its more likey they would leave on their own. as far as comedy tours go, i think i heard howard say he invented them. by the way, how are ticket sales for howards tour? oh thats right, he doesnt have one!!!

  22. hogg316 says:

    i have 3 xm units only for O and A and ron and phez noon to three and will go straight to i pod if they dont make the cut!!!!!!!!!

  23. gary d says:

    howard doesnt need to tour. By the way only 65 more days before O%A lose their XM gig.

  24. tryaluckystrike says:

    gary d: I forgot how successful Sal the Stockbroker, Richard Chriist, and Yucko the Clown are on the stand-up comedy circuit. It’s really a shame O&A can’t present talent like that instead of hacks like Jim Norton, Patrice O’Neal, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Otto & George, etc.

    Speaking of Otto & George, remember when he used to be gold for Howard? Too bad Otto Pederson knows where the true talent lies and where his skills are most respected.

  25. Matt says:

    What about Ron and Fez?? I will cancel if O&A go, I will also cancel if R&F are cut loose…..

  26. Derrick says:

    If O&A go, my XM unit goes in the garbage.

  27. scott says:

    I will definately be dropping my 2 subs if O&A are let go, but will be dancing in the streets if ron and fez get the ol’ heave-ho.

  28. Bob Ames says:

    gary d, please crawl back into your mother’s womb and finish gestating before talking with adults. The Virus tours have broken attendance records for comedy in every venue they have ever booked. Look up the facts and figures and show me I’m wrong you ignorant Howard zombie. I’ll be waiting right here patiently until you get back. And I want facts, not ignorantly parroted phrases.

  29. CARL MARQ says:

    I too will say goodbye to my sub if O&N and R&F are left in the dust. Its not like Howard has many years left…. u think fans will pay for a Sal or Christy show… ya right. I hope doesn’t make this personal.

  30. LG says:

    i’ll drop my XM subs if O&A are let go

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