Sirius-XM’s Opie and Anthony Talk Gaming

Our favorite “Shock Jocks” talk video games.Opie has a PS3, Anthony Plays on the 360, and Patrice O’Neal smacks some golf balls around in Tiger Woods ’09! Where’s Jimmy?

It’s great to hear our favorite on-air personalities Opie and Anthony talk video games. They do discuss video games from time to time, but it’s always excluding Opie. It finally looks like he has joined in on the fun. Opie loves to abuse one handed gamers, but still loss to a kid who shot a 20 under in Tiger Woods ’09 for the PS3. He better stick to Hello Kitty and not even think about playing Call of Duty 4. Your pal, mrjuandrful would smoke him and Bob Kelly (Xbox 360 fanboy). Unfortunately I’m a COD4 PS3 FPS myself, yeah look those acronyms up. Well, at least he finally gave up his PSN ID, we listed it below.

We’ve spoken before about Anthony Cumia’s love for PC gaming, pre-Vista. But it looks like Ant has finally sold out his love for the ol’ mouse & keyboard for a controller. His game of preference, Call of Duty 4 on the 360. Bout time buddy.

And Finally Patrice O’Neal discusses Tiger Woods on the PSP. I too am a fan of hitting some golf balls but on a PlayStation 3 (Point for Opie). I tried the Wii, and I couldn’t stand the standing and swinging part.

Like us to cover more O&A news, let us know. Even if you don’t, who cares. We like em. Who knows we may get to play against someone on the O&A show, but maybe we’ll let them win… nah. Linger Longer!

PSN online ID

Opie – XMopie

Will the rest of the cast finally give us their XBL accounts and PSN ID’s? We’ll let you know.

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