Tony Hawk, Skate2, Not Just In Videogames

resize-imageaspPlaying so many skateboarding games like Tony Hawk and Skate, peeked my interest in the real thing.  Actually, I’m kind of excited for the upcoming release of Skate 2, and although it’s winter, I’d really like to learn how to skate. I’ve always wanted to try an ollie or a half pike and slide down park railings.  Ok, I’m not that nimble but if you know me I’m very picky with everything I do.  So when I looked into how, where, and what to buy I stumbled onto Warehouse Skateboards. It’s a pretty cool site, that priced their boards at a reasonable price with low shipping.

wheelresize-imageaspAs I navigated through the site, I got the sense of playing the aforementioned Tony Hawk: Underground.  I was able to customize my skateboard, with the style of the board and white wheels I wanted, even the hardware (I chose the Independent Low Kingpin screws).  Their easy to use, Custom Skate board wizard guided my purchase all the way through to a longboard complete. Now, I’ve never built a skateboard before from scratch. Yeah, I’ve changed some wheels but that’s about it, lol. You have the option to send your un-assembled skateboard parts to your house, or have it professionally assembled. I’ll most likely choose the latter.

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