“The Force is Strong with Obama” says George Lucas

“Listen Obama, take off those coke bottles and ‘choke hold’ those Republicans”

At Kezins.com, we do not talk religion, politics or salary.  I can’t say that for Star Wars conversations, and all the “What If’s” we ask each other… daily.  So, when you throw Star Wars into the mix, we’ll write about it.  Don’t kill the messenger but George Lucas has some strong comments, and I only understand them when he speaks ‘Star Wars’.  Correct he may be.

George Lucas has created legendary film heroes like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones, but the US director says that in real life, his hero is Barack Obama.

Lucas was in Japan on Wednesday to promote his latest film, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” as Obama clinched the Democratic Party’s nomination for president.

“We have a hero in the making back in the United States today because we have a new candidate for president of the United States, Barack Obama,” Lucas said when asked who his childhood heroes were.

Obama, “for all of us that have dreams and hope, is a hero,” Lucas said.

Lucas is the creator of the blockbuster “Star Wars” series, as well as the adventures of the swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford.

Obama on Tuesday sealed the Democratic contest after a marathon battle with Hillary Clinton, becoming the first black White House candidate nominated by a major party.

Many say the ‘Chosen One’ in his movies was indeed Luke Skywalker, and some people think it’s still Vader since he single-handedly (pun intended) threw Emperor Palpatine down the Vent Shaft.  So is he right this time with Obama?
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  1. I like how Mr. Lucas is ready to duke it out in
    the pic.


  2. @ Carlos lol. I bet George can fight.. I hear his daughter is a boxer actually.

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