The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, And His Love For Video Games

One will always remember what they were doing during: The attack on Pearl Harbor, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the assassination of John Lennon and September 11th! Well, now we can add a new one to the list, The Shocking Death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

I can’t put into words how utterly devastated I have been since I heard the news last Thursday. This is a man whose music inspired young and old, near and far. Growing up in the 80’s, his music was everywhere.   He was the Mozart of our time. A child prodigy and musical genius that awed crowds from all over the world.

We at, would like to send our prayers to the Jackson family.  Michael touched all of our lives and his memory will live with us forever.

Michael not only loved music and dancing, he also had a love for video games as well. It was mentioned that Michael had many arcade machines in the Neverland Ranch on free play. Also in 1990, he teamed up with Sega to create  Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

The game was released for the Sega Master System as well as an arcade version.  Although the game was a success, he would not appear in another video game until almost 10 years later in a cameo appearance. A few years later He was included in Ready to Rumble 2 as a special boxer.

Will we see a follow up of the Beatles Rock band with Michael’s own Rock Band? Will virtual console release Moonwalker in memory of the King? Rumors have been swirling of a Moonwalker 2 being released after his tour dates. Will the attention he has gained after his death push a Moonwalker 2 to be made? We shall have to wait and see how the video game industry handles his passing.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. I would personally love to see a Rock Band based on the Jackson 5. Although Michael gained more admiration going solo, his band image is better displayed through the Jackson 5.

    Moonwalker was a game made for Michael Jackson fans who also enjoyed the movie. ummm, yes I liked both!

  2. Great article, he was not only a great entertainer but an amazing person witha pure heart.

  3. I would like to see a Moonwalker remake. I really wish they had put it in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. Although the game is dated now, it’s still unique and a good part of history. I really enjoyed the arcade version the most.

    Jackson Rock Band? I could actually see that working possibly. I’d still like to see a new Moonwalker with next-gen graphics and new levels, maybe inspired by Thriller and Beat It.

  4. Are you kidding me? Good Riddance! Thats what i say. A Rock Band based on the Jackson 5? It would never happen, nor would it sell… And for someone who hates Guitar Hero, I’m suprised to hear you even mention “Rock Band.”

  5. @erodz85
    I don’t get how anyone can hate guitar hero? Madness I say!

  6. @erodz85
    You are absolutely correct. I do hate the Guitar Hero franchise based primarily on their pay to play DLC. I’ve heard your Guitar Hero skills are up there with asian teenagers, but odd as it may seem I would enjoy Rock Band Jackson 5 and moreover Rock Band Beatles.

    Here’s an idea for Harmonix/Activision. Sell a “base” game with no songs on it for $5. Through Xbox Live or PSN charge $1 per song and let us choose our own playable library. I don’t appreciate loading a disc with songs “they” choose which some are questionably unpleasing.

    Good catch tho erodz85, but you can’t deny Michael Jackson’s talent nor his influence for generations to come.

    A remake of Moonwalker wold be awesome, but will this generation of gamers enjoy it as much as we did?

  7. @mrjuandrful
    that would be great… Basically creating our own game… like that idea. I love Guitar Hero, and rock band alike, but GH is my fave… But i do admit, World tour songs were questionable… Songs like Our Truth, Assassins, Shiver, Scream Aim Fire… These were what the game needed but songs like Joker, On the road again, Beat It… I was like WTF? I’m glad they are taking it back to their roots with “Smash Hits.” Cuz a one time play through the horrible set list was enough… Maybe thats why i stick to playing GH Metallica…

    As for my skills of an asian teenager, I can hold my own… Maybe i can show ya sometime…

  8. I’m not sure if the younger gamers would enjoy it or not, but there are enough gamers who are 25-35 to make money from the deal. I think a large percentage of Genesis gamers are still playing games.

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