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  1. the game

    I haven’t played in a while but my favorite setups was,

    Predator Missle (5)
    Harrier (7)
    Emergancy Airdrop (8)

    I used this combination with newbtoob and thumper combined with slight of hand/danger close.

    So my setup would get around 4 ‘free’ kills with the propipes, then I would hopefully get another kill to get predator which i would then use and hopefully do well enough to ramp into harrier which generally ramps into supply drop.

    This seems like the most stable and profitable ramp that I could find.

  2. The SZA

    I used to use Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Nuke, until I actually dropped a nuke.
    Now I use Predator, Harrier, Chopper Gunner.

  3. nadrewod999

    I use UAV(3) so that I can see my enemies, Predator Missle (5) so that I can kill anyone in the open (even snipers), and Harrier(7) so that I basically have a turret guarding the whole map. I have unlocked other killstreaks, but they either take too many kills to unlock (I am not very good), or are too weak (chopper seems to take five minutes before it fires one shot).

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  5. that guy

    When I’m playing team based games I use Predator, Harrier, Pave Low or Chopper Gunner. But on FFA I use UAV, Counter-UAV, Harrier. And sometimes I’m in the mode to get a nuke so I use Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Tactical Nuke. But I mostly play FFA. How can Counter-UAV only have 5 votes (0%)!!!!! It is very usefull!!!! Especially on FFA!!!!! You don’t know how much people rely on their radar! And if you get 4 kills, die, 4 kills, die etc… then you get to block their radar for 60 secs!!! OVER AND OVER AND OVER until you get the 30 kills and the game ends! :P

  6. ZITTY21

    I never get more then 1 kill in a row.

  7. yannick van der linden

    @The SZA
    yeah i did like 20 nukes now i allways use predator harrier and chopper. i’m trying to get my ks up but its to bad pave low doesnt count as ks :'(

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  9. didyouknow_-

    I’m not one to actually get a nuke, I rather getting alot of kills and making the game interesting, for a while when getting first prestige, I used UAV, care package and a predator missile, but as i saw lots of good killstreak rewards picked ,i have decide to go care package predator missile and harriers, only because i just got second presitge, but when i unlock themm all i hope to use, harrier chopper and ac130, or perhaps, pred harrier chopper and lastly harrier ac130 nuke

  10. Bob

    Predator, Harrier, AC130 or Chopper Gunner

    (AC130 more cuz its fun)

  11. fuzzer

    you need the Chopper Gunner to get you kills

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