The Top 10 “IV” Video Games

We played. We reminisced. We Reviewed. Our Top 10 list of part IV video games streamlined and presented to you in hi-fi!

If you’re wondering what the hell an “IV” game is, it’s the Roman Numeral 4! We know we’re going to get bashed because some “Part IV’s” were not considered, but that’s how things go. Here’s our criteria: a true Part 4 or Part IV needs to be in the title… somewhere. So of course this excludes Super Mario World on the SNES. Believe me I’m fully aware it came after Super Mario 3 but it’s NOT called Super Mario 4 (IV). You don’t like it? Go blame Nintendo or the other developers who decided to intelligently stop their naming convention of numbers and decided to go another direction with words like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the post at hand; We looked at all the “IV” games out there and narrow them down to ask, “What is the Best IV Game”?

Number X – Soul Calibur IV

When you include Star Wars icons Yoda and Darth Vader in a 3D fighting game it’s instantly upgraded to a must buy. Soul Calibur IV listened to it’s fans and slowed down the game a bit, which actually improved it’s gameplay and sat back those who just hit a bunch of button combinations and accomplished a 10 hit combo. Customizable characters give you the ability to challenge competitors online in either ranked or unranked games. And just an FYI, stay away from ranked games, everyone’s a level 30+. (Metascore 86)

Number IX – Tony Hawk Pro Skater IV

Pulling off an indy, heelflip, airwalk, grab, fakie, railstand or kickflip can be hard in real life. But in THPS IV, they made it as easy as pressing a 57 button combo. All the major skaters are here, including Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Steve Caballero, Kareem Campbell, Rune Gilfberg, Eric Koston, Bucky Lasek, Bam Margera, Rodney Mullen, Chad Muska, Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowley, Elissa Steamer and Jamie Thomas. The game’s enhanced career mode allows players to earn respect and the chance to take on all new pro goals by conquering a skater-specific Pro Challenge based on each skater’s personal history. (Metascore 88)

Number VIII – Phantasy Star IV

Phantasy Star IV is an old-school RPG set in space. You go from town to dungeon. At town you upgrade equipment and rest at the Inn. . If you need money or leveling done, you fight. Once you are done training, you move onto the next dungeon. Exploration and battles are done with a four man party. Encounters are randomly initiated. Battles take place from a kind of first person point of view, except you can actually see your characters attack when they do attacks. What’s great is battles go fast. Animations are done very well and battles still manage to go by quick. Most battles in the game are decently hard. Most bosses in the game offer a decent challenge. Some bosses in the game will give you some major trouble. You’ll need a good strategy to win against a few bosses. Phantasy Star IV will take about 20-35 hours to beat, which was a good amount of time for the generation this game came from. Overall the gameplay in Phantasy Star IV is fantastic. (GameFAQ 8.9)

Number VII – Sid Meir’s Civilization IV

The fourth “regular” installment in one of the most important game series ever created is here. In Civilization IV, like in the previous games, the player starts with a single village in the Stone Age and must advance from there by exploring, founding cities, researching, exploiting natural resources and eventually trading or making war with neighboring civilizations. Civilization III put cultural influence in the forefront and this time it is religion that is put forward as the invisible factor underlying many aspects of the game. (Metascore 94)

Number VI – Final Fantasy IV

Remakes are not always as grand as the original. With Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS, just go ahead and forget about the typical remakes. One of the greatest stories in video game history has been remade and it’s actually better than the original. Originally titled ‘Final Fantasy II’, this was perhaps the game that made console RPGs what they are today. Modern gamers may consider this title to be linear and repetitive, but any true fan of classic JRPGs will appreciate this re-release. When the game was released in 1991, it completely blew me away. I had a feeling that playing the 2008 re-make would be too familiar, but the story is still something worth reliving. (Metascore 85)

Number V – Resident Evil IV

The Umbrella Corp. just won’t go away. So in comes REIV at #5. Former Raccoon Police Officer Leon Kennedy has been dispatched on a mission to Europe to save the President’s daughter from a “crazed organization”. Resident Evil 4 was a major change from the previous installments. Instead of a fixed third person perspective, RE4 featured a new “behind the back” movement camera angle and an “over the shoulder” aiming feature that allows players to control their gun movement for specific body part hits. (Metascore 96)

Number IV – Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots

People forget MGS4 is a “Tactical Espionage Game”… it’s a Stealth game people. Guns of the Patriots brings back Snake, codenamed Old Snake to join Otacon, Roy Campbell and Naomi Hunter to assassinate his old adversary, Liquid Ocelot. Hiding in lockers and cardboard boxes were brought back but MGS4’s new camouflage system “OctoCamo” blends Snake with his surroundings. Filled with tons of cut scenes, MGS4 allowed players to choose whether to view these scenes by pressing the X button on their controller when prompted. (Metascore 94)

Number III – Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare

Is it a surprise to see COD4 on this list? Infinity Ward made the right choice by not dipping BACK into the WWII First Person Shooter. Modern Warfare is set in the near future involving US & UK vs Russia. The single player campaign can be completed in no time, but COD4 is know for their multiplayer. Best combo has to be m16a, stopping power, and martyrdom. (Metascore 94)

Number II – Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Quote us, “One of the best RPG’s of all time”. Oblivion slips into the number dos spot. Customize your character, install mods, and choose your fate. You begin your quest in a prison cell, lurking your way through a secret escape route helping the Emperor Uriel Septim escape. Along the game you can do almost everything. Speak to townsfolk for side missions, pickpocket castle guards or wreak havoc in every city by killing all who stand in your way! (Metascore 94)

Number I – Grand Theft Auto IV

When you combine crime, panicked politicians, and a series of ‘Wilhelm Screams’ you get GTA IV. Niko Bellic’s entrance into the gaming world as a Serbian crime lord was a fantastic one. Grand Theft Auto IV, brought open-world to another level thanks to it’s non-linear style of gaming. The game is set in Liberty City, a redesigned New York City where Niko gets involved with corruption, gangs, and assassinations. Also, being the top selling video game of 2008 doesn’t hurt. (Metascore 98)

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