Video Game Vixens and Body Painting Babes (NSFW…Maybe A Little)


While Body Painting on Real Women is accepted, are their Video Game counterparts? Check out why naked women with Body Paint is somehow overlooked.

Many games display women as sex symbols. Body Painting women does no different. With all the games that star hot women as either the main character (Lara Croft), or playable fighting characters (Faye Valentine) I dig into the subject and ask “Is there a viewable difference between Video Game Babes and Body Painting?” Dead or Alive is a great example on how women in gaming and real women with body paint visually “look the same”.

Playing such titles as Soul Calibur and Tomb Raider there are plenty of times where I can clearly define the girl’s body. Since I’m not a game developer, my opinion is that women in video games are drawn naked and spray painted with clothes. There have been plenty of video games with patches that “remove” the girl’s clothing to reveal bare breasts or completely nude. Ala, removing the ‘body paint’. Why aren’t women in video games drawn like men character’s? Why do they wear skin tight clothes revealing every curve?

On the other hand, body painting is considered racy. Women painting their bodies to resemble clothes should be accepted since the ESRB allow kids to play with similarly dressed (un-dressed) women. Lara Croft in Tom Raider opened up the eyes to all gaming geeks around the globe. Which is why the “nude patch” was invented.

I hope the above images are SFW, since all the women are covered up. I’m sure we’ll get some MILF’s out there that argue some pics are offensive. All ‘major’ parts are covered with liquid latex or gui color schemes.

The next time you pick up a controller and play Mortal Kombat or Soul Calibur IV (when it comes out) ask yourself “Am I playing with a nude woman right now?”


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5 responses to “Video Game Vixens and Body Painting Babes (NSFW…Maybe A Little)”

  1. Will Snizek says:

    I’m pretty sure they do render the models naked and add clothes on top.

  2. Mr.X says:

    man these babes are really fucking bitches. these are really hot booby body paints. but can you get some more fucking babes for.

  3. Juan Perez says:

    I wonder if the paint vanishes off by us staring?

  4. Kezins says:

    you have to use a cheat code for the paint to vanish.. try the Konami code

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