Vodka Gummi Bears and How To Make Them! Sweetness!


I wish I would have come across this recipe about a week ago as I had a birthday party for a close friend of mine at my house. His girlfriend’s mom made jello shots and jello shots + carpet is not such a great mix but vodka gummies, what is not to love!  They are an easy cleanup and I am a huge gummi anything fan, gummi bears, worms, cockroaches whatever, if there is a gummi in the beginning of the name I am downing them! I can see myself getting very easily inebriated with a few of these because I do have a gummi addiction, when I pop I just can’t stop!

Here is what you will need

You’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Gummi bears or worms, sugar-free or regular
  • A glass container (a glass with plastic wrap over it will do – rumor has it plastic does bad things to vodka, so be sure there’s no plastic actually touching the vodka)



Fill a bowl or other container about halfway with gummi bears. A glass container with a lid is ideal. It will need to fit in the refrigerator.


Cover the gummi bears with vodka.


Put the container with the gummi bears in the refrigerator overnight.


Remove the container of drunken gummi bears from the refrigerator.


Eat the gummi bears.

…and Viola you have some tasty alcoholic treats to have a fun filled night that you won’t remember! Try them at your next Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Buzz or Scene It party , they will be a hit!


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5 responses to “Vodka Gummi Bears and How To Make Them! Sweetness!”

  1. mrjuandrful says:

    So do I eat them like Campbells soup? Where’s the spoon? – ah ha…. ah haaah (White Old Eddie Murphy)

  2. […] Vodka Gummi Bears and How To Make Them! Sweetness! […]

  3. MccarthyELVA says:

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  4. Jim says:

    Question about the plastic vs. glass. Don’t some brands of vodka come in plastic bottles?

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