“Wii Fit” Girl on TRL


In an effort to nail this bit in the coffin, TRL interviewed the 15-minute 2 month fame star. This video will hopefully end Ms Lauren Bernat’s run.

Via MTVMultiplayer

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  1. She must still think we’re stupid claiming that she had no idea it was being filmed. Fortunately, I think her run at internet stardom will come to an end this week.

  2. Oh yeah, I remember this chick. She’s the one who swung around a stick pretending to be a lightsaber, right?

  3. yeah if she didn’t know, she should probably be very careful in life because she’s not aware of her surroundings.. the dude even talked to the camera so i call BS. The good news is we will probably never post another article about the video unless something really crazy happens 🙂

  4. Trust me, I know this girl personally. The video wasn’t planned, she was pissed about it, and didn’t know anything until she was harassed at work by reporters. She turned down TRL a few times but when someone flies you to NYC and puts you up in a hotel all expenses paid, it’s hard to refuse.

  5. I find that very hard to believe. She didn’t seem too reluctant on TRL. I also find it hard to believe she had no clue it was being filmed and was pissed about it. It’s also not that hard to turn down a free trip to NYC. If she was truly pissed off about the situation, then you should have stayed home.

  6. She looks cuter with no makeup and glasses.

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