WoW Pod Home…. Complete With Toilet , Stove Top & More!

wowpod2 thumb 278x400 16717 WoW Pod Home.... Complete With Toilet , Stove Top & More!

People still play World of Warcraft? I know a shocker, I never got fully into the game because you know I wanted to live outside of the four walls of my house and perhaps coexist with society. Those close to me who were huge WoW addicts would miss important meetings, would skip lunch and even their bathroom breaks because of the game! As you have heard even a child died from the game as he forgot to feed himself for days.

Well, for all those Wow addicts, be even more secluded from humanity with the Wow pod! You will never go hungry again with  food paks, a cook pot and stovetop, a throne with built-in toilet and surround sound, and of course a computer hooked up to the internet. What more can you ask for but really do you think most of those who play Wow even know how to cook? They will burn there little Orc looking hut to the ground. Is it innovative I guess, will I buy one anytime soon, nope! If you would still like to give it a looksie it will be at the MIT museum until September and if you are more a visual type person here is a video of the architectural masterpiece.


pixel WoW Pod Home.... Complete With Toilet , Stove Top & More!

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  1. Kwiaciarnia Kraków

    of course we are playing WOW.i even think that im adicted to these :( couse i just simple cant stop

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