Yankees win the World Series, but best team in the World?

Yankees World Series Champs

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the best sport games of the 80’s.  One of my favorite games was Hardball, for the Atari computer platform. I could vividly remember a screen which struck me when I was a child and has sprung back up now as an adult.  Here is the infamous screenshot:

All- Stars vs Champs, interesting concept.

Is an all-star team better or a championship team? My thoughts are that Baseball is a team sport and cohesiveness is a really important element to consider.  Perfect example would be the Dominican Republic’s performance in the World Baseball Classic. They were quickly eliminated by the Netherlands because they had great individual players, but they didn’t play well enough together.

While watching the world series this past week, I started to say to myself, are the Yankees the best baseball team in the world? I mean earlier this year, the world crowned the Japanese National Team, the World Baseball Classic Champions. They also won in the inaugural World Baseball Classic in 2005 by defeating the mighty Cubans.

I don’t believe the US team made it out of the 2nd round this time around. Therefore, does that mean the best team in the US has the basis to call themselves the World Series Champions?  Baseball has evolved much from the days of Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb.  It is a global phenomenon now and the tournaments should reflect that.

Granted, the Japanese National Team includes all stars from all of the best players in the Japanese league. Some might suggest, lets have a tournament between the champs of each country’s leagues. This would truly be a World Series and the winner would have the correct title! Or just rename the title “World Series Champion” to “Major League Baseball Champion.”

I say use the soccer World Cup model, that works and its one of the most exciting sporting events to watch! Add national pride to the suspense of baseball and you have yourself a Grand Slam!

In the end Hardball, a game from the 80’s, inspired this debate.  Who’d have known that a game almost 30 years old, still holds up… even for debatable “World Series” Champs!


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2 responses to “Yankees win the World Series, but best team in the World?”

  1. Dan Fontaine says:

    i think this yankees team wins the world baseball classic easily. no doubt, best baseball team in the world. good article!

  2. Louise says:

    The Yankees have achieved a level of success in the world of baseball that is so gaudy, so well known, and so storied picking a handful of players to call their all time best is no easy task. They should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I used to attend their games even their tickets get sold out. Luckily I found Ticketwood.com, now I’ll before compare prices before getting tickets. Go Yankees!!

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