Zombie Pinups: Andromeda Strange

My late night web surfing habits usually land me on some strange, yet cool websites.  Last night, I discovered ZombiePinups.com, which turned out to be an extremely entertaining and information filled site.  While checking out their site, I came across photos of Andromeda Strange and felt I should share them with you guys. Cosplay is one of our favorite topics here at PerezStart and when you add zombies to cosplay, there’s no limit to how interesting things could get.

Here’s how ZombiePinups.com describes her:

Our favorite Lady In Blue, Andromeda Strange will jump-start any dead boy’s heart! She bears the love-marks of her final encounter as a living woman with an all-too-passionate suitor, but boy oh boy, is he the one with the marks now!  Granted, mostly bite marks to the top of (what’s left of) his head, but still…

Check out a couple of the photos below.  You can view the full gallery HERE.

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