Movie Review: Tron Legacy (Blu-ray)

Tron was a flick that I always saw advertised on the Disney Channel as a kid but was never interested in watching it.  It always seemed liked a grainy, poor neon embraced movie that was behind it’s time.  Thank god for Blu-ray.  The visual enhancements made to Tron Legacy make the original Tron (also included) jealous.  This Blu-ray collection spans over 5 discs and also includes a digital copy for you iPad folk.

Director Joseph Kosinski’s adaptation of Tron Legacy reminded me of J.J. Abrams 2009’s Star Trek.  Cool young actor, great soundtrack, a veteran actor brought back (Leonard Nimoy) and hot women (Beau Garret: pictured right).  The glare streak that Star Trek featured has been mimicked in Tron Legacy as a minor but noticeable detail.  I also felt the visuals were crisp and futuristic and the sound was phenomenal.  I listened to this film on a 5.1 surround system and you can hear the 360 degree roars from the crowd during the games and the swooping sound of the bikes on the grid.  Those were just a few of the amazing sounds of the movie.  My favorite DJ’s also make a cameo in Tron Legacy, Daft Punk.  Their music mixes are untouchable with popping beats with a techno vibe.  I understand blu-ray movies should have bold colors but Tron Legacy’s choice for the yellow’s and blues were ridiculously brilliant in 1080p!

Tron Legacy follows the story of the disappearance of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) as he tries to send a secret signal to his son, Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) from the digital realm he lives in.  Sam is immediately thrusted in TRON and is tested in some fierce gladiator-type battles.  The very attractive Quorra (Olivia Wilde) is Kevin Flynn’s apprentice and plays a pivotal role in assisting their battle for good and evil.

For the many things I found “right” in this film, I also witnessed some “wrongs”.  I thought the CGI that portrayed Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) was poorly done.  You can clearly see they superimposed his face in some scenes and gave you an awkward feeling hoping they would hide his smirking face to avoid further CGI embarrassment.  I felt like I was watching Beowulf mixed with live actors.  They should have stayed conservative and applied makeup to the real Jeff Bridges to attain that fountain of youth.  CGI is rarely the answer for humans.


I’m really taking a liking to the digital age some film studios are adopting.  As bandwidth to the home increases, retail will become a thing of the past.  Disney has incorporated technologies and the age we’re going to with mobile devices and more recently, Apple’s iPad.  It’s called Second Screen and you’ll be able to gain additional information all while watching Tron Legacy.  You can download the app from the app store and synch your iPad with your PS3 during the playback of Tron Legacy.  Working off an inaudible signal is how Disney manages to synch you up and keep your data accurate.  After a few minutes, I was able to make the hefty 800mb app work.  You can scroll ahead and synch back when you want to.  Awesome feature!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy 3D LED TV but for those of you who do, you may find the 3D/2D mixture are the tops for any movie up to date.   To experience the full 3D experience you’ll need; a Full HD 3D TV, compatible 3D glasses, PlayStation 3 (or Blu-ray 3D player) and an HDMI cable.  For the rest of us, the 2 discs that offer all the extra’s were a blast.

A “must watch” extra is called The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed.  It will clear up some confusion during the end of Tron Legacy and how Flynn’s disappearance changed the company’s outlook.   Roy Kleinberg aka RAM from the original Tron makes an appearance.  I’m a fan of Easter Eggs and Tron Legacy has many of them. After watching The Next Day, you’ll be taken to a Hi – Scores screen.  Once you enter DJR, you will begin watching the first Easter egg titled, The Dillinger Chat which may reveal something for future Trons.  Not a spoiler, I’m just saying it may.  For those who are too lazy, just enter in All and you’ll watch all nine Easter egg’s back to back.

For those interested in the original Tron, the commentary available on disc 5 is given by the films director Steven Lisberger.  There’s a 90 minute “making of” that covers everything you ever wanted to know about Tron.  89 minutes too much for me, but it was chock full of info for the Tron-ies.  If you’re like me, Tron Legacy is the perfect movie to show off your great surround sound and blu-ray bold colors.  For that I say, show ’em what you got.


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