10 Best Super Mario Tattoos Around

Mario Tattoo

In lieu of babylinda’s post on the NES controller carved into someone’s skin, I searched high and low to present you with the top 10 Super Mario Tattoo’s around.  Not sure, if these are Nintendo hostages err employees but they sure went the distance to show their love of the Italian plumber from Brooklyn, Mario Mario brother to Luigi Mario.  Betcha didn’t know Mario’s last name is Mario…  Anyone?

If you look closely on some of the tat’s you can make out the gender. Don’t look too hard, since I’m not sure if some are even human nor where they’re located, ewww. And finally, enjoy the tat’s!

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4 responses to “10 Best Super Mario Tattoos Around”

  1. babylinda says:

    I like the second one after the neck!

  2. […] oder Vergangenheit … und MEIN PERSÖNLICHES HIGHLIGHT heute … perezstart.com hat die 10 besten Super Mario Tattoos gekührt und ich muss sagen mein Favorit ist der 8bit Mario … schon einfach weil mann dann […]

  3. da b3AST says:

    I got some mario.tattoo

  4. da b3AST says:

    I wanna post

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