8-Bit Mixtape: Sick Mash-up of Some of the Greatest Games Ever!

koopa 8 Bit Mixtape: Sick Mash up of Some of the Greatest Games Ever!

Now that I got your attention from the picture above of Bowser finally “getting” his way with the princess, on to a serious matter. Poor Mario though, he is way too late, too late! Unless……he is just in time for the threesome?

Seriously though, who really knows what went on in the Kingdom I mean the whole “mushroom” thing, I am pretty skeptical.

Luigi must feel left out, poor guy!

Anywhoo, this is a a mash-up by Eclectic Method,  properly “coined”,  ’8-Bit Mixtape’. It’s a sweet mix of of beats and audio effects from 8-bit video games, with even some Biggie  Smalls thrown in the mix. I have to agree with Geekologie on the the  Tetris mix, it has to be the greatest in the whole track, though I am part Russian so my opinion may be a bit skewed.

But forget about my opinion, I am just the “Associate Editor” on this site anyway right? Why listen to me? Why dont you see for yourself after the jump.

Eclectic Method – 8 Bit Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

pixel 8 Bit Mixtape: Sick Mash up of Some of the Greatest Games Ever!

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