BREAKING: New Zelda, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Just announced at the GDC 2009 by Satoru Iwata, the highly anticipated and rumored Zelda is in fact named “Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” and it arrives later this year on the Nintendo DSi.  Link has the ability to control/create enemies and make them fight enemies. Railroad mechanic is an extension of Phantom Hourglass boat system — riding a rail and shooting cannon.

the-legend-of-zelda-spirit-tracksVery Phantom Hourglass like, but hopefully with new and fresh ideas. The new weapons and skills look like a good start, but Link looks kind of odd in his little conductor’s outfit. It will be a fairly traditional Zelda portable game, with puzzle dungeons and Phantom Hourglass-style touch mechanics. The train basically works like the boat in PH, running along the overworld (presumably on a rail defined by players). Enemy control mechanics look pretty nice — link distracted a big Zora with a controlled shadow guard, then snuck around to hit it from behind.

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