DS Games Don’t Look Good on the 3DS!


I noticed that certain DS games didn’t look very good when playing on the DSi XL.  Some looked a little pixelated and the text became fuzzy on the larger screen.  I suspected there would be similar issues with the 3DS and Joystiq has proved my suspicions with a new video.

The 3DS features higher resolution screens (400×240 for the top screen, 320×240 for the bottom) compared to the DS’s 256×192 screens.  The problem with playing standard DS games on the 3DS is the fact that games are either upscaled to fit the bottom screen, or majorly reduced in size to fit both screens.  Either way, there’s an issue.  When the games are upscaled, text looks fuzzy and the game in general looks a little funny.  If you opt to reduce the size, it looks tiny and massively reduces your game area.   This is a problem that really has no fix other than keeping your original DS around to play your old games.  A lot of people are trading in their DS Lites and DSis to places like GameStop towards a 3DS, but that could be a huge mistake.

Check out the video HERE!

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  1. […] DS Games Don’t Look Good on the 3DS! […]

  2. […] DS Games Don’t Look Good on the 3DS! […]

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