8 responses to “DS Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars”

  1. mzitt11

    Wow no cons???

  2. GTACW

    the game is amazing. just about every time i turn it on i have to do scratch off’s. the hotwiring is crazy cuz you have 3 ways to hotwire a car by the year and style of it.

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  6. joeyjuviyani

    Grand Theft Auto is a traditional single player experience, but the creators of Chinatown Wars has nevertheless incorporated several game modes that will allow four players to compete provided they have a cartridge each. Course, “Gang Bang” survivor SC, defending the base, racing booty tournament … There’s something for every taste, often race to frag, conquest or area of cooperation, but with small variations, or vehicles when the cops come to mingle with all this gay brothel. The game is local but we can still enjoy online to exchange goods or favorite GPS….
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  7. andy

    I got gta ctw its beast

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