Final Fantasy VI Opera Scene Performed By Real Orchestra & Opera Singers

When it comes to memorable video game moments, Final Fantasy is one series that probably has some of the most. The ballroom dance scene in Final Fantasy VIII, Cloud holding Aerith’s dead body in Final Fantasy VII, Cecil battling his dark counterpart to turn into a Paladin in Final Fantasy II, nearly every Final Fantasy game has had a memorable moment. One of my all time favorite moments has to be the Opera scene in Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III as it was known when it was released in the US.) put together a video of the original Opera scene and synced it with an updated version that includes The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra playing all of the music and Opera singers performing the dialog. Not only that, but they also upscaled and re-animated the scene which can be fully appreciated in 1080p.

The video truly blew me away and breathes new life into an already amazing performance.

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One response to “Final Fantasy VI Opera Scene Performed By Real Orchestra & Opera Singers”

  1. Felis says:

    That blew me away. A little disappointed that they didn’t use the original translation from the SNES version, but still a spectacular performance.

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