GTA: Chinatown Wars, Wi-Fi Mayhem

gta chinatown wars GTA: Chinatown Wars, Wi Fi Mayhem

One of the features RockStar has promised with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS was Wi-Fi play. Some of the multiplayer modes you’ll find in Wi-Fi Mayhem are;  ‘Defend the Base’, which has players co-operatively defending territory against waves of enemy gang members; ‘Stash Dash’, which pits players against each other in a rush to steal a van loaded with contraband and deliver it to their hideout; and the ‘Race’ mode, which lets players floor it to the finish line in any of 20 different courses around Liberty City.

The video below show’s why PerezStart.com rated GTA:CTW a 10/10.

pixel GTA: Chinatown Wars, Wi Fi Mayhem


  1. Carlos Macias

    Haven’t tried Chinatown Wars multiplayer yet.

    We should connect and battle sometime!

  2. mrjuandrful

    @Carlos Macias
    Challenge accepted ;)

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