Nintendo DSi Hitting Shelves April 5th, Pre-order options


We’re anticipating the US version of the Nintendo DSi as it makes its way onto the gaming scene on April 5th. But what we wanted to clarify the specs that many weren’t aware of.  For one, the volume bar is now controlled with two-button (high-low) instead of the slider from previous DS Lite versions.  Lack of a GBA slot may upset you Game Boy Advance fans. But currently rumored, is the portable Virtual console, that will allow you the possibility to download those Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.  Not much of an equal trade since you’ll have to purchase the game.. again, but better than nothing.

We’re seeing another winner with the Nintendo DSi and it’s already a hit in Japan.  Currently the DSi has sold over 2 million handhelds in Japan.  You know the Japanese they make great stuff – (Shamwow Guy voice)

Release Date – April 5th
Price – $169.99
Black – Nintendo DSi
Blue – Nintendo DSi

Screen Size Two 3.25-inch displays
Screen Resolution 256 x 192
CPU speed / type One 67 MHz (ARM) and one 33 MHz ARM7TDMI2
Form Factor 5.85 x 3.33 x 0.99 inches1
Camera 2 cameras, one with VGA resolution
Memory SD slot, internal storage (unknown size)
Internet Wi-Fi
Browser Yes
Online Store Yes (DSi Shop)
Touch Screen Yes (single touch)

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specs source

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