5 responses to “PerezStart’s Nintendo DSi – My New Toy!”

  1. wow gold

    I would probably pick up the DSi because of the camera! LOL.. I wish I could grab one to the nearest tech store soon, where can I pre-order because stocks might be limited?

  2. Kezins

    They need to throw in more than just a camera and a couple extras for me to upgrade. At this stage, there’s no real “need”. Regular old DS Lite is fine.

  3. Daniel Perez

    Where’d you take this picture? In your closet? In the oven? Jesus. Would it kill you to put a little light on that sucker?

  4. Daniel Perez

    The two screens are bigger than the DS Lite’s, the speakers are said to sound better, an added SD card slot, and the inclusion of the DSi Shop is a good enough hardware upgrade to warrant it a worthy buy. Nintendo would have been nuts to go for an altogether hardware update since the DS right now is a highly recognizable console to both hardcore & casual players. To go out and give the DS a full upgrade would only confuse and possibly turn off casual players (which is where Nintendo is getting most of their money these days)

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