PerezStart’s Nintendo DSi – My New Toy!


Today I received a very special package.  The NEW Nintendo DSi.  While my first impression on the device was “beautifully crafted” there will be a write-up review on the DSi coming shortly.  Of course the DSi did not come fully charged, so after I entered in all my personal settings, dangling from the wall jack it is.

Release Date – Out Now
Price – $169.99
Black – Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi Hitting Shelves April 5th, Pre order options
Blue – Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi Hitting Shelves April 5th, Pre order options

While I enjoyed my review on GTA: Chinatown Wars, I see future games of interest that will make the DSi a must own device. ex. Rhythm Heaven and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.  Let’s just hope the camera on the DSi was better than the one on my phone.. ouch!

Those of you with a DS, do you see yourself upgrading to a DSi?

Those who don’t own a portable gaming device, would you pick up the DSi or Sony’s PSP?

Drop your comments below:

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5 responses to “PerezStart’s Nintendo DSi – My New Toy!”

  1. wow gold says:

    I would probably pick up the DSi because of the camera! LOL.. I wish I could grab one to the nearest tech store soon, where can I pre-order because stocks might be limited?

  2. mrjuandrful says:

    Yeah, i think they made the dual cameras fun enough to allow people to use it. I hope for good 🙂

    well, if you want the DSi now I’d try Gamestop. Although Amazon is another reliable source. I put the link above for the Black or Blue DSi.

  3. Kezins says:

    They need to throw in more than just a camera and a couple extras for me to upgrade. At this stage, there’s no real “need”. Regular old DS Lite is fine.

  4. Daniel Perez says:

    Where’d you take this picture? In your closet? In the oven? Jesus. Would it kill you to put a little light on that sucker?

  5. Daniel Perez says:

    The two screens are bigger than the DS Lite’s, the speakers are said to sound better, an added SD card slot, and the inclusion of the DSi Shop is a good enough hardware upgrade to warrant it a worthy buy. Nintendo would have been nuts to go for an altogether hardware update since the DS right now is a highly recognizable console to both hardcore & casual players. To go out and give the DS a full upgrade would only confuse and possibly turn off casual players (which is where Nintendo is getting most of their money these days)

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