The Truth About Nintendo 3DS Allowing Game Installs

The truth is that there’s no credible proof (as of yet).  There’s a rumor that’s been quickly circulating around the net claiming that the Nintendo 3DS will allow you to install games onto the system from the cartridges.  With Nintendo’s history of being pretty tight when it comes to piracy and things of that nature, I find this rumor extremely hard to believe.

Kotaku is reporting that the source of the rumor was from a Japanese business paper called ‘Nikkei’.  Business papers have never been very reliable when it comes to breaking video game news, but this could be an exception to the rule.  It could also be an unfounded rumor. Unless Nintendo is going to require people to register games to play them this way or issue keys, I still find this to be incredibly unlikely.

We’re still a long way off from the 3DS launch, so only time will tell if this feature rumor has any real substance behind it.

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