Why, God Why: Disturbing Nes Controller Scars!


This is a Nes Controller. Below is a Nes Controller on Drugs. Any Questions? Seriously what is below after the read more is not for the faint of heart, I repeat not for the faint of heart! You have been forewarned.  The likeness of a Nes controller was cut into the back of BME member Metal_Games, a Nintendo Fanboy’s leg. Where later his skin was removed. Want to see this otrocity? Click after the jump if you dare!

nes controller 2

“The stencil went on, and we were ready to go. Starting with the lines, the pain wasn’t half as bad as I’d expected. In fact, it was a breeze for the most part. It took Jeffrey, the artist, about 20 minutes to cut all the lines. A couple of deep breaths, and we went straight on to removing the skin…”

How about a nice little Nes controller tattoo on for size? Just throwing it out there!

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  1. WTF!!!
    What was this guy thinking!!!

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