Bite-Size Podcast: Wii Talkin Wii (Run time: 8:08)

The Spaniards lace up their “guantes” (Boxing Gloves) tonight and talk about the almighty Wii.   Why the gloves you ask?  Well, Juan’s super excited about Punch-Out Wii or Wii Punch-Out… whatever it’s offcially called.  And Carlos… He’s… indifferent.    They also talk about the DSi and Sin and Punishment 2… err 1.  Find out why on “Whatcu Talkin’ ‘Bout”  mmmmm hmmmm!

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. is Carlos calling us “old-Schoolers”???

  2. I think I might’ve 🙂

    Ok…how about “fans of old-school
    gaming?” I’ll make a note of that
    next “kezcast.”

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