Breaking News: Nintendo Announces DSi

Well, it looks like all those rumors about a new device are true. Nintendo announces their latest handheld system, the DSi.

In a Japan News Conference, Nintendo announced today their latest handheld system and it’s called the DSi. Similar to the previous DSLite, with some leaner muscle. Nintendo’s also launching an online DSi shop, which will sell content directly over WiFi – including a free browser app. It’ll take Wii Points, which are being renamed Nintendo Points. Couple of things we know right now:

– Screen is 3.25 inches
– No GBA slot
– 12% thinner
– SD slot, and internal storage
– 2 cameras, main cam 3 megapixels
– Comes in White and Black
– Releasing in Japan Nov. 1st
– Releasing everywhere else 2009
– Download games from a “DSi Shop” over Wi-Fi, and save them to the SD card. The games are called “DSi Ware” (a la Wii Ware), and are available for 200, 500, or 800 points.


Via Engadget

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  1. […] of thanks to Kezins, GoNintendo, and Joystiq for providing the information I could adapt for Frayed […]

  2. There are no get Wii Points. Their latest handheld system is a free browser app of The games. Visit DSi Ware and read or ask about any worthy brokers.

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