CVS Moving In On The Video Game Market?

Guitar Hero III CVS

During a visit to my local CVS in North Bergen, NJ, I noticed something quite interesting in one of the aisles.  It seems CVS is starting to sell video games at this particular location.  The game that was on sale was the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Guitar / Game Bundle for the Wii for a damn good price of $49.99, especially when you compare GameStop is selling the same bundle for $79.99.  Looks like Christmas is coming early for some lucky boys & girls!

Also hanging above the Guitar Hero III bundles were some Wii “accessories” which magically turn your Wii-mote into a tennis racket or a steering wheel.  So it looks like CVS not only has Wii games for sale, but also crappy accessories too.

Hopefully this isn’t just a one time thing as having a major retailer such as CVS sell video games can only help make video games become more popular to an untapped demographic.  We reached out to CVS to get some more info from them, particularly if this will be a nationwide thing or just select locations.  Stay tuned for more info as we receive it.

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2 responses to “CVS Moving In On The Video Game Market?”

  1. knight28 says:

    I hope it’s an ongoing nationwide thing

  2. msgiggless says:

    this is such a good deal! I hope it continues nationwide (esp with the holidays around the corner) You just gave me a good idea what to buy my nephews! 😀

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