Deal of the Day: Punch-Out!! (Wii) $40


It’s coming Monday, May 18th — Punch-Out!! Wii.  Who said you couldn’t wait till the 2nd to last day to pre-order something?  Amazon has come to the rescue for you slackers who waited till the last moment to pre-order. (hmm, some of writers included)

Punch-Out!! $39.99

We’ve pretty much been covering this game since it’s announcement with pics and video, and we’re so excited for it’s official release on Monday. For those interested in challenging any of the PerezStart writers, drop us a comment and we’ll be glad to meet you in the squared circle. Is it odd to strap the gloves on and stand on the Wii balance board? Ahh, forget it I’ll only play using the classic controls. Flip the controller sideways and show the world that you LOVE classic Punch-Out!!!

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