E3 2009: New Super Mario Brothers for Wii


[UPDATE] – Trailer inserted below.

Nintendo announced during it’s E3 Press Briefing this morning that a new Mario game is in the works.  The game will allow for multiple players (1-4 players) to play at once.  The game is set to launch ‘Holiday 2009’

You can pick up other players during gameplay to either save or to doom them by throwing them into a pit.  When a player dies, they eventually come back in a bubble, to which the active players can pop them to bring them back into action.

Graphically, the game resembles New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS.  From the press conference, it’s confirmed players can choose Mario, Luigi, and different color Toads to play as.  The character sprites have a 3D feel to them, as well as the rest of the game world.

A new item was also introduced: The Propeller Suit.  When a player picks up the suit, the player has the ability to fly through the air, similar to how a helicopter moves.

The game also pans and zooms along with the action.  Although, when a player drops too far behind, they can be wiped off from the game.

In multiplayer mode, all four players need to reach the flag at the same time.  All players scores are tallied together and then everyone is placed depending on the score they received.

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2 responses to “E3 2009: New Super Mario Brothers for Wii”

  1. babylinda says:

    Yayy! cool beans!

  2. msgiggless says:

    WOW! I’m impress with this! its really similar to the old mario game but modernize! I like the graphics and new design on each level. Looks pretty cool! I’ve been waiting for wii to have super mario game for a while. Although there are some mario games out there…it’s just not the same! this is the closest to the old one. This will definitely be on my bday/xmas list… whichever comes first when they release this game! 😛

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