E3 2009: Nintendo Announces New ‘Edgier’ Metroid — Metroid Other M


Nintendo and Team Ninja announced today they are working on a more mature Nintendo game.  The title is a new Metroid game and it’s said to be an edgier game compared to previous Metroid titles.

The game will introduce a much deeper story for Samus and be a Metroid game, “..unlike any you’ve experienced before.”

The release date for Metroid Other M is 2010.

[Update: Some new screens were released]

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6 responses to “E3 2009: Nintendo Announces New ‘Edgier’ Metroid — Metroid Other M”

  1. Freelancer says:

    Can’t wait! This looked like pure epic win!!

  2. Bob says:

    Can’t wait for the new game.

  3. Noah says:

    ok so they didn’t announce the development of the new zelda game (which we all know is in development) but OH MY HOLY SHIT Metroid is going to take over the world. Now if they get Team Ninja to develop Zelda..maybe we can have a more adult zelda game…if metroid why not zelda right?

  4. UnchosenOne says:

    YES! I can’t wait! New Metroid coming out in the next year! YES! A more Mature Zelda game would be nice. Or at least bring back some of the things in the old game that were nice. Like the Ocarina would be cool to have again. And have enemies burn up instead of explode. They should also have enemies have blood and cuts go into them when you hit them.
    I wonder how they’ll make Metroid more mature? Other than maybe make more blood and stuff like that.

  5. pariuri says:

    I am curious how it will be:)

  6. a deception, this game is too much linear, it is not a metroid!

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