E3 2009: Wii Fit Plus Announced; Fall 2009 Release

wii-fit-plus-e3Nintendo’s hugely popular Wii Fit will receive an update in the form of Wii Fit Plus.  Wii Fit Plus allows players to have more of a workout routine where players can go from exercise to exercise without needing to go back into the menus.  There are 6 new strength and yoga activities included as well as 15 new balance games.

It will release in Fall 2009 and it will be both a downloadable update if you already own Wii Fit, as well as being a retail product.

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One response to “E3 2009: Wii Fit Plus Announced; Fall 2009 Release”

  1. babylinda says:

    That is great that you do not have to lose time going between menus anymore! Now you can burn more calories with the less interuptions!

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