EDAR: Our House


Times are tough and the economy is the big reason.  So we’ve always believed in “if you build it, they will come”.  Got that from a movie.. hmmm.  Well, if you think “Everybody Deserves A Roof” (EDAR), you’ll appreciate Majesco’s Wii title “Our House”.  In it, you’ll be able to… build your house from scratch.  We sure hope the housing economy picks up, but for now why not build yourself one!

“Design your custom house, shop for raw materials, build your dwelling and decorate the interior to your liking, then unveil your creation to the neighborhood! In Our House, you and your friends will race against the clock and each other to buy the best materials in the ultimate home improvement store! But that’s only half the fun because after the mad rush, you’ll construct your dream house with your purchases. Use your Wii Remote to hammer, saw, paint and much more as you assemble your house from the ground up. Show off your creative flair by tastefully decorating your dwelling while showing up your friends by designing the most valued house in your community!”

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