I Kissed a Wii, and I Liked It!

Will this song of 2008 ever go away?  Well, when you got some attractive chick dancing on a Wii Fit Board, anything will work.  Let me give you a controversial list of things that would still be ok to do on the Wii Fit Board.  Singing the country version of “Whoomp There It Is” (yes, there were two versions), with a Chewbacca mask on (not movie quality) and dancing the Robot.  Yup, I thought about it, and wearing this would STILL be HOTT.. double T.. get it..

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3 responses to “I Kissed a Wii, and I Liked It!”

  1. babylinda says:

    I love the fake! Hey! from the girls as if she did not know! I don’t get it whenever you exercise , you wear exercise clothes not lingerie, a gal needs a lot of support with a proper over the shoulder bolder holder!

  2. Kezins says:

    this stuff pisses me off. I like sexy, but not overly fake sexy. What’s the deal with these fake boyfriend recording the chick stuff? Is she so coordinated that she can play Wii games, yet can’t sense someone in the room? Oh well. We need more variety in Wii balance board videos. I’d like to see videos with fat chicks, midgets, midgets riding fat chicks, spider monkeys, retarded people (i know that’s bad but people would watch it)… really we need some creativity in YouTube land.

  3. babylinda says:

    Guys just say oooooh almost naked chick and go cave men.

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