Latest Punch-Out!! Video Shows Giga Mac, Head-To-Head Mode

In case you haven’t realized it by the graphics on the side of PerezStart, we’re a little excited about Punch-Out!! coming out for the Wii. It’s a franchise we have all loved and were wishing for an updated version to come out sooner than later.

In this latest trailer, Nintendo has finally decided to put a head-to-head versus mode in Punch-Out!!.  It seems to have the same look & feel of the versus mode in Wii Boxing, and that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. I’m just hoping the controls are a lot tighter than Wii Boxing’s controls. You don’t know how many dentures I punched from my ole’ Grandmammy’s pie hole as a result of trying to get the game to register a punch I was throwing correctly.

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2 responses to “Latest Punch-Out!! Video Shows Giga Mac, Head-To-Head Mode”

  1. mrjuandrful says:

    This game looks phenomenal. Disco Kid is a new character and I’m wondering what will the “strategy” will be to defeat him.

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