NBA Jam 2010 Debut Trailer, Boom Shaka Laka

EA Sports will revive NBA Jam to the Wii this year. If you remember the days of the Big Head code or Bill Clinton and Al Gore, then you’ll remember just how much fun it was to compete against your friends.  I personally built up my Chicken character and dominated the boards with strength.  These games were all played on the Nintendo 64, and the game controls were ideal.  Some rumors have made their way around and those include NBA Jame 2010 coming to Xbox LIVE and PSN.  But those are rumors for now. We’ll be sure to let you know if we hear concrete evidence.  Boom Shaka Laka!

The game has a unique visual style, using 3D models with high-resolution photographs for the heads of each of the players. Several aspects such as outrageous slams and “He’s on Fire” make a return.  Unfortunatley, the original did not contain any players with licensing issues including Shaq and Jordan.  Let’s hope all NBA players and classic players return.  My team of choice was the Bulls, but without Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Tony Kukoc were the best they offered.  NBA Jam was made in 1993.  So 17 years later seems fitting for a remake.  Wow, it’s THAT old?

I hope the NBA Jam folks take a page out of NBA Hangtime.  Now that was a great game too!

What team did you prefer?  And what name and nickname did you give your character?

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